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Why are so many of us having a flare now???

Hi all,

I was really greatful to everyone for the kind words and helpful suggestions for trying to get my family to understand the horrid things fibro does to us all. It did make me see that many of us are having quite a bad flare at the moment. That cannot be a coincidence. Just wondered if anyone has any idea why? Could it be the cold weather or shortening daylight hours? Very odd.

Anyway went to see Dr and she has put me on pregabalin (lyrica) - how have others got on with this?

Hope everyone is as well as they can be and looking after themselves

gentle hugs xx

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It's a strange thing fibro, cold damp wind, and even hot weather

All give most people a flare, I can't always work it out some times

It will be raining and I am ok, it always seems to be the build up

Before the weather, I wonder years ago the old people used to

Say my rumatisim is playing me up its going to rain, I think that

Maybe they had fibro.

I don't know about your medication I have always refused to

Start this one, as it tends to put on weight and that would

Make me feel worse, so I just stick with the tramadol which

Does not take the pain away really it just makes it bearable

I think you will find it good as a nurse I know that lots of people

Are on it for pain good luck



Hi, I have no idea either why we're all complaining of flare ups at the moment. My flare up seems to have gone on and on forever now. It seems to flare then settle parcially only to flare again at the slightest little thing.

I wish I knew why. Could it be something in the asmosphere for a large number of us to all be flaring at once?

If someone can explain it then I'd love to know. At least I could explain why to myself and my friends (no point trying to explain to family)


Hi Becky, not been on the site for a few weeks ,and ive only wrote once before But had to write because i just want to hibernate isn,t it strange we all feel the same, as for pregabalin my doctor went to prescribe it to me but i refused it , if i put on any more weight i,ll explode My mother was given it for neuralgia she has gained lots of weight in a short space of time and my sister inlaw is the same she said she cannot control her appetite of course it could be just a coincidence but i doubt it just try it for a while lots of luck and hugs trisha x


I was put on Lyrica last month by the (useless) pain Dr. My GP told me to stop it immediately a week later as I could hardly stay awake or string a sentence together properly!


I tried Lyrica and it made no difference at all to the pain, just turned me into a total zombie!

I've had my worse flare up for ages these last couple of weeksk, only started to feel better last weekend, but now I'm back at work I'm struggling again. I'm sure the cold weather and dark evenings make it worse. Roll on the summer!


Iv was diagnosed with fibro a year ago and have been on pregabalin for 10 months,I now take 225mg twice a day,the weight gain is a problem,iv put on 1 1/2 stone and I can't see it stopping,I'm always hungry! Apart from that iv been fine on it,no other side effects.

Gentle hugs x


I am not on any pain meds hun. But I am 5 weeks into a fibro flare and 3 weeks into a COPD flare which is not helping. With my Fibro being diagnosed as chronic my flares come and go as and when they please so I very rarely notice a pattern. But I know in November last year I was okay, well as okay as you can be with fibro xxxxx


I find when the weather becomes colder it makes me more susceptible to flare-ups. I don't really have any during the late Spring and Summer, but when Autumn comes and then through Winter, I really struggle with my Fibro and flare-ups! :( xxx


I don't think its helped any of us much that summer missed us this year. I find that particuarly in damp weather my symptoms are much worse. When I used to be able to afford to go abroad I found that after about 3-4 days my symptoms improved dramatically. Pity you can't get holidays prescribed on the NHS !! I have been thinking about looking into sun bed sessions in the hope that it is the effect of the UVA's, but will have to wait until I can afford them. As always money is a problem. Maybe the NHS could start loaning out sun lamps like the ones used for people with the condition SAD. I think winter is worse for us all because of the lack of sun and short days. Everyone gets a little down but fibromites seem to get even worse.


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