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My daughter is off work this week she is looking forward to it as she works mon to fri 9 to five and she works hard in her office so it is nice for her to have some chilling out time i do hope the weather picks up a bit for her so she can chillax as they say in the garden but she has no plans apart from going tosee Dirty Dancing at the theatre royal in Norwich with her nanny on thurs so she will enjoy that

we will prob spend time together as i dont really see her much its work home shower out and i am in bed when she gets back typical 19 year old so hopefully we can get togeher with her sister and my grandsons her nephews

it seems strange not getting a packed lunch ready and going to wake her up as last time she was off i was in Llondon

love to you all and i hope you enjoy your day x love diddle xxx

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Hope you are having a lovely time with your Daughter xx

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