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am sooo peed off

have been feeling good for at least about a week but today as the weather changed and i got cold pain has become more intense sooo at work i asked for the heater to be on for the last hour i was working as worked by the doors. it was put on but another member of staff has been moaning about it even tho she didnt take her jacket off so wasnt that hot and customers were complaining how cold it was.

soo anyways last winter i had to get and pay for a drs note stating about the fibro and have to be kept warm and as i want to work and not give up to go on the sick that it would help having the heater on in winter.

i only work 12 hours a week and in over 2 years never took anytime off for sickness or when my mum and sister died so have a good work record and get on fab with customers.

so now im thinking its gonna be winter soon what am i going to do as cant work without the heater on and dont want stress from this other member of staff who keeps on moaining about it being on although she never works by the door as shes been told to and me away from it cos she gets cold as well!!!!

just waiting to get HR email address at head office as we dont have one and boss just wants a quiet life so will send them an email, i wasnt diagnosed with this before i went to work there was there for 4 months when i was so as i got a drs note this would be discrimination to my disability? thats the road im goinjg down dont want to give up work as enjoy the banter with the customers

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Hiya Angie

I am sorry to hear that the cold is making you suffer already. This is supposed to be Summer! If anything like the last few years September and October will hopefully be warmer.

Do you have a Pound shop where you are? I only ask as they do the adhesive heat pads and I find that putting a couple of those on my kidney and tummy area helps keep my core warm and that seems to radiate through the rest of my body. Or you can borrow my hot flushes :-) I have to have a cold air fan on during the winter as I get so hot!

I hope your HR team can get you a heater. The other option is to ask your GP to get in touch with the Occupational Health system in your area and they may be able to do a work assessment and make your Company get you one.

Hope this helps.

Take care




ive tried them heat ones from the pound shop they didnt do anything for me. im also going thru the change so have hot flushes as well but i also have obstructive sleep apnea as well and had a bad night last night so more tired than usual which makes me feel the cold even more. the heater doesnt make it hot in the shop as the automatic doors are constantly opening and the wind goes thru you. im not the only one who was cold today 2 of the other staff said they were freezing but seems i always have to be blames due to the illness. customers today reamrked on how cold my hands were as well.

im hoping that the HR will sort it out ive just been upstairs crying my eyes out due to the stress and pain if only they knew how much it took to stick a smile on my face for the 4 hours i work a day maybe they might appreciate me lol


HI I think you really should ask for an Occupational health assessment as they can help you. There remit is to make things the best they can for people with health problems/disability and they can suggest ,but not demand, that employers make 'reasonable adjustments' to help employees have the best possible help and I think having a heater near you is perfectly reasonable. Your employment record will show OH what a committed employee you are. I really hope you get this sorted without conflict from your colleagues. Take care Sue xx


i may look into OH assesment will the dr sort this or do i have to do thru work and HR? im not allowd a heater near me as there is no plugs and they said its a health and safety thing so we just have a loud one by the doors


There is more than one type of heater eg gas heater. I don't see how it is an unreasonable request. In the meantime dress in layers so that you can add on or take off heat as needed.

Julie xx


Hi. God dont we havd so much da put up wiv?? Havd you tried long johns ?? Theyre amaxin for keeping the heat in during the colder months. Dressing in layers is the best way to retain heat and layers can also be removed easily when u overheat due to flucuating hormones. Its also important to note that most of our heat is lost through our head so if possible wear a hat or head scarve. Your management dont sound awfully helpful perhaps a bit of awareness raising/training in regards to fibro and its symptoms is required!!

Hope things at work improve for you soon regards Dixie xx


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