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My Fybro

Good evening everyone, I really need to rant at the moment, so i will start from the beginning....

My health has not been great for about 15 years now, firstly I contracted hepatitis and cytomegalovirus, got over that, then had my middle daughter, and everything was going well, i then found that my other half was having an affair with an acquaintance, a few months later I got pneumonia and pleurisy and was in hospital for a couple of weeks after finding a blood clot on the lung, I got over that one. Then i met someone else and after 10 months left without any warning and i have never seen him since, a few years later I met someone else and we had a gorgeous little girl who is now 4, he left when she was 6 weeks old. At the time of her birth, which was amazingly fast (15 minutes from start to end) I fractured a number of vertebrae in my back, this has left me with bulging of the disc's and also sciatica and also have lost a lot of feeling in my left leg below the knee, and also my pelvis twisted and dropped on the left side. In the meantime my eldest boy went to afghanistan with the armed forces, he is back now, well 95% of him is but thats another story!! I have been diagnosed with asthma and had to go to the docs a few months ago as i was getting horrendous pains in my ankles, hips base of my neck, feeling very depressed, forgetful etc etc she has said this is fybromyalgia and would do blood tests to rule out arthritis. This came back clear so is treating on the lines of fybromyalgia. I have been since to the docs and he has given me 3 months of tablets now, i dont seem to have a an actual diagnosis, is this normal?? I dont feel that people really understand how this affect me in day to day life, i try and carry on as normal but dont seem to get much support from anywhere xxx

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you will get supportive people on here ... who know there stuff ..

I am sorry you seem to be having a bad time .. I think sometimes fybro is one of those conditions that take time to sort out..

including what time it takes to sort out medication that is helpful. if you have had lots of blood tests and lots of other tests then you have FMS..

medication is a bit and miss but it does get ..

gentle dyslexic hugs


Gosh you have had a hard time of it, you poor thing. As Lexi said we are all here to help and support you and it does take a while to sort out and get your meds right. You may end up on different ones until the right dosage, types are found for you. I think Lexi will agree we all seem to take something a bit different

Check out the link below, there is lots of info on there to help you understand fibro a bit more.

Hugs to all xxx


aww bless you both, i think i just need to rant this evening, i am normally very upbeat and rounded person, just feeling a bit...........sorry for myself tonight i suppose!! lol xxx


Hello and welcome Maxii! Thank you for taking the time to tell us your story. You have certainly had a tough time of it. Not only have you had a multitude of health problems, being on your own, you have had a son in Afghanistan! My goodness!

Regarding a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, yes this can take ages for some people. You will normally get a referral from your GP to see either a Rheumatologist or a Neurologist and then go through the usual exploratory blood tests, tender point examinations, urine tests, reflexes etc., but not necessarily get a firm diagnosis at this stage. It then tends to be a bit hit and miss as Lexie says above regarding meds - you will be prescribed something hopefully for your pain and something else for your fatigue. If these don't help you much, then you tend to move one up on the pain relief scale etc. It does take time unfortunately. The process isn't quick. It took about 9 months before I had a firm diagnosis, this time scale does vary.

If you feel depressed and unable to cope, please see your GP and explain how you are feeling. They should be able to help you.


Hi maxii

Wow you have been through it the last few years - you deserve a few medals I think :-)

fibro is little understood - which is the great thing about this community - we are all living the nightmare with you.

Have you asked your GP to recommend you to social services to see how your home could be adapted to help you? I also get a carer each morning to help me get breakfast, have a chat, make sure I take my tablets and start my day ... a total god-send; perhaps having a carer might help you?

Julie xx


Morning Maxii,

Poor you what a rotten time you have had of it - I hope now it is gradually coming under control. You will always find people in a similar boat on here who are more than willing to listen and offer advice if they can - hint always try and smile every day :) it lifts the spirits smiles from me x gins


Morning guys, thanks for your comments - the OC came and she went through my home they have put in hand rails in the bathroom and up my main flight of stairs and my small flight and the rail on the small flight fell off!! The one up my main stairs is starting to go a bit now so, they were a fat lot of use, but hey ho - to plod on eh?? xx


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