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I Love my Neice, My New partner, but how do I explain Fibro fog, and My continued Blankness????

Hi Diddle and everyone,Now I dont have a lot to say, but read through regularily, all your Blog's.

I find comfort and have learned so much from you all, This one is about my continued alteration of medication and (Fibro fog) .

I am in the middle of our 2 week Carnival , I met my Partner on line, we decided too meet up in London,and once we met it was just "Click "Click" and click! so we are now a close loving couple. He has now gone back to work and too Sea.. Now whilst there I had just a few little (Fibro Blip's) .He also is a Nurse & Ex Medic , he knew about my Fibromyalgia. He was great with me. also he has a bar through a bone in his left lower leg, that has a screw in it, but it should have come out 3 years ago. Where he has to go too sea for 3-5 weeks ,he dont get much chance to see a Doctor and have the time to have it out , he also has 6 Daughters to care for, and 1 Son, all of them are now Young ladies. Gentleman.

Now getting too the point, I keep having my Medication changed but My Fibro Fog seems too have increased. Or is it just me? I am on Tramadol SR 150mg, Gabapentin 100mg for my Osteoarthritis I am on: Quinoric200mg, Paracetamol 500mg. For my TIA's that I had , High Blood pressure 75mg Clopidogrel. So Lot's of pill's.I also have Amitriptiline 10mg-50mg.

Is it all of this that is causing the Fibro Fog? or is it the lack of restorative sleep? ...Having said that, I am phisically Exhausted and Mentally Drained . with all the excitement and the Kid's being with me for the Carnival. I have managed to get this weekend too rest as I do not want to risk an attack of (Mr Fibro) .I can not remember Names of thing's , I lose my thought in conversation. I can not remember the things that I am supposed to do daily, I go blank at the slightest mention of "will you remember this"? I am losing my mind here. I write a list now to help. and put it down , then forget I have it and write another. I go too the Kitchen for a Juice and forget what I went there for , just to come back with a sandwich , no one want's. I also write things too myself , get up the next mornibg and read that list , I put it down , thinking I must do that in a min, but forget too do that thing n. this is just a little of what life is like for me. with the continued company of Mr Fibro. HEEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!!

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Hi Suzi - I'm afraid what you are experiencing is all just part and parcel of the fibro. I find he fibro fog harder to cope with than the pain sometimes. I don't know your medication makes it worse, because you are on different meds to me. It could definitely be down to sleep, if I don't sleep I'm definitely worse. I'm having a spell of not sleeping at the moment, but got some some mistletoe today, that's supposed to help, first night trying it tonight.

Sorry to hear you are struggling so much at the moment. Gentle hugs Louise x


Suzi, so sorry to hear you are struggling. The symptoms you describe are basically Fibromyalgia in a nutshell. I know many of us will relate to all you say, I know I do. My Fibro fog is a dense fog at the best of times, the simplest things can confuse me. I even forgot one of my son's names, I just couldn't remember it! Fortunately he saw the funny side of it at the time, we did laugh about it, but it can be so frustrating.

You are on quite a combo of meds too. This could be making you feel a bit foggy too, plus the fatigue we have with Fibro. It would be worth mentioning how you feel to your GP to see if you could be prescribed alternative meds maybe that wouldn't make you feel quite so "removed" from things.

If we don't get enough "restorative sleep" this too can affect how we manage our everyday lives with Fibro. If you get barely any sleep you are bound to feel worse, be able to do less, and be generally more foggy. If you sleep badly, make sure you mention this to your GP too and ensure you have regular rest periods during the day.

Also on a personal note, what time do you take your Amitriptyline? I ask this because of the extreme wiped out feeling I had taking my Amitriptyline. I used to take it just before bedtime which was any time between midnight and 2am. I didn't realise at the time that this was making me a zombie for most of the next day. I take 50mg at 2pm every day now and by midnight-ish I am tired enough to go to bed and I am not zombie-fied the next day at all. The timing can make all the difference, it did to me. Might be worth a try for you too.

I hope you feel better soon, it certainly sounds like you have your hands full, take care. :)


A few of your meds can cause drowsiness so that can increase the foggy feelings and as for amitriptylene my head felt as though it had been stuffed with cotton wool - I felt like a zombie & it left me unable to function properly.

It might be worthwhile speaking with your pharmacist next time you go to collect your meds and ask them if there may be some interactions that could increase the fog..


Thank you every one for all your valuable help! I could cry! ..well I know what too do now and get my Doctor to overlook the tablets and see if I can take less but more offten,,,if you see what I mean? I will do as You have all said and let you know the out come of it all. Thank you ladies and God Bless you all! Suzy xxxxxx


I hope you feel better soon Suzy, take care and let us know how you get on. :D


IU will do that , you can be sure of it! It will be interesting to see what is said and done if anything? But thank you for all your kindness as always I apreciate the help! xxx


I struggled a lot more with fibro fog whilst taking amitipline and decided to not take them as they made me feel very tired when i woke. Although saying that i still suffer terrible fibro fog! lol and im only now taking anti flams and tramadol. xx


Thank you Kim! I will try and see if there are others that I can take too cool off this fog! it's a bit of a beast as I am used to being sharp minded. xxx


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