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fybro and esa

Just about to send my esa questionnaire off - really dreading the whole thing - have had fybro and cervical sponylosis since 1995 lost a really good job through being off sick at that time and things have certainly not got any better - does anyone know if anyone has filled this form in and NOT been called for assessment and just automatically been transferred over to the new benefit. Woud appreciate any advice on this whole thing. My husband/carerer want to attend with me if I get called but he is just so angry I dont want him to attend as I just know he will let things blow and that will not be a good thing......

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Liviing with Fybromyalgia


i filled form in then got a letter saying i had been put in esa work related x


Hi thank you very much for your reply - I just cannot bare the thought of going through another medical - have been assessed a couple of times before to continue receipt of DLA and it was awful so I am dreading this one- at least I can hope that I dont get called up for this. Many thanks.


i was getting incapacity benefit since 1997 for fibro. then got esa50 form in november last year. filled in and got a repy within 2 weeks and have been put in support group. last week i recieved another esa50 form just 6 months later and have had to fill all that in again. i copied the one i filled in december. waiting to hear back. they may put me in wrag group even though my condition hasnt changed


From my belief you are automatically put into work related group for one year before being called for assessment.

Hope it still works that way for you.

Good luck

luv & hugs

Jackie xx


My husband had to go from IB to ESA. He scored 0 at his assessment (took place July 2011) and it was only when we said we were putting in an appeal and supplied "sick notes" from his GP did he get any payments - ie assessment rate ESA. He won his appeal in March (WRAG) and got his money backdated to the letter telling him he was losing his benefit (last Oct). He is now waiting to hear what's happening after having to send in yet another ESA50.


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