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Emotional wreck whilst watching Mama mia

Omg i sat to eat supper with my hubby and 11yr old daughter TT ,

All women in bedroom that blond haired great actress ???

Jumping around on bed then all started singing and been followed through streets!

I was laughing one minute saying gosh i remember them days only 2 yr ago i was like that (and i was) real big girl at 41 acting like i was 20 so silly is my personality,

Then i just broke in a real uncontrolable emotional wreck lol

I just wanted my self back again and to stop explaining to everyone how its changed me!

Even my Gran in late 80's noticed yesterday after doing little cleaning for her how it seizes me up and then i can barely carry a cup or walk in the room, after a period i was ok.

I think we must just have phases as i feel i have been very strong for such a long time,

My hubby did not get to eat much supper he just quickly put everything down and comforted me and saying let it out sweetheart you cannot put your face on all the time.

He then took me up to bed and tucked me in

He watches me up stairs, waits outside the loo ( pretends he needs it lol)

As think with busy day yesterday even my balance was really off and am slow going up stairs.

I have my moments with him but could not ask for better supportive husband.

Just sharing how it affects me this wkend .

Am up making a cuppa wide awake xxxxxxx

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Morning fairycazzie

Sounds like you had a great time watching the movie and you are lucky to have a supportive partner! I have but I find it is rather exhausting he is always asking how I am ! x ins


Its true gins! And a very good morning to you too! :-) xx

As much as theres things i may have issues with when running on empty, there is things am capable of but hubby just likes to do things! Even bringing my pot of tea,

Should not complain really as we are very lucky.

I struggle taking washing out of dryer and folding due to the rush and and weakness in arms and my neck and spasms, i just so independant though and will do what can.

How are you doing so far today gins xxxxxx soft hugs


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