50th birthday am I mad

so I will be 50 on Saturday asked what I wanted to do to celebrate I said a bbq, so today my hubby and me struggled to put up the gazebo, followed by all the lights. I am now in lots of pain. Thursday is food and drink shopping and blitz the house Friday defrosting having a tattoo to celebrate then my daughter has surprized us with tickets to dreamboats and petticoat in Dartford, while we are out she is baking a birthday cake with my youngest. then Saturday get food sorted relax a bit then party am I mad I think I should have said ets go out for a meal instead im catering for 50 people fingers crossed the weather stays nice lol Sunday I staying in bed all day lol

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  • Have a wonderful birthday.



  • It sounds marvelous have a very happy birthday best wishes gins

  • happy birthday for saturday, no you're not that mad, lol you sound a bit like me so really yeah just a bit,i do things on impulse forgetting i can't do things easily anymore. i didn't know dreamboats & petticoats is on at dartford! that will be really good. do you live near dartford? i don't live far from there. in case i forget by saturday il wish you a very happy birthday & hope you have a great day, enjoy the show :) xx

  • im in ashford kent but hubby is driving it finishes on Saturday

  • ah ok im in welling, enjoy it xx

  • Wishing you sunshine, smiles and lots of fun

    :) xxx sianxxx :)

  • Go for it! :P :P

    Have nothing but fun - ok maybe the odd drink and sausage :P

  • Have a fab day. BBQ is the best, so enjoy. Hopefully you'll have sunny blue skies too :) xx

  • Tracyo9 happy 50th av lovely time sounds like fun boohoo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Have a wonderful 50th birthday and please let us know how it all went?

    Ken x

  • I think the weather is set fair, so I hope you have a really lovely day :-) Happy 50th Birthday in advance :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • thank you all I forgot to say I made it a onsie party so when im ready to drop I haven't got to get undressed lol

  • HiTracy, happy 50th for Saturday, according to the weather men the weekend Is going to be nice & warm with sunshine, in London it is, where abouts are you, but what ever the weather you will enjoy your family and friends company...tae care gentle hugs...Dee xx

  • Happy birthday Have a great time hugs sue

  • Hapi birthday:-)

  • Enjoy your day, a BBQ sounds lovely with all your friends and family. Happy Birthday ! :)

    Emma :)

  • Happy 50th and it sounds wonderful. Hope all goes well for you in every way x

  • Hi Tracy YES you are bonkers......but I bet you'll love it, and you will have some wonderful memories that will last so much longer than the pain, go for it girl. X

  • That sounds really wonderful! You're really being spoilt.....I really hope you have a lovely day!! XX

  • How was the Barbie? :P :P

  • Hi tracy09

    Happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday dear tracy09

    Happy birthday to you.

    I sincerely hope that your birthday went really well and that it made you the happiest lady in town!

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

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