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RIP Rosie Roo

I woke up this morning knowing it was going to be a bad one when I knocked my drink off the bedside table and it went all over my back and bed, but I had no idea just how bad.

Hubby was loading the car up with things for the tip when a neighbour approached him asking him to come and check something. Next thing I know he has walked in with a big box. I asked what was in it and he told me Rosie (our cat). I thought he was messing and that he had caught her and put her in the box, but then I looked at him and he was crying. It was only then that I realised she was dead and in the box. She had been hit by a car and a neighbour who she often visited found her at 5.30am and looked after her till we were up and about.

Well, that was it. I was a mess. I haven't cried like it in a long time. I was shaking and almost sick. Hubby had to give me something to help calm me down.

I am now feeling like shite. I am shaking, having trouble keeping something down and just feel like my legs are made of paper.

She has been taken to the vet to be cremated and we are going to put a plaque in the garden.

We have 3 f her kittens so that helps but she was our first and that made her special in her own way. I have been over to say thank you and she was in tears again.

flare up from stress,... nice to see you.

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i feel so sad for u :( we have five cats and i worry that any will get lost or have an accident ...poor rosie roo xxxxxx


Aww sweetheart I'm so sorry to hear that .

Big gentle hugs for you .

RIP Rosie cat :(



aw. i am so very sorry for your sad loss, our pets are our family and i know its heartbreaking. RIP Rosie ,sending love and


so sorry hun ,love and hugs to you xxx


so sorry to hear about you losing your pet,big but soft hugx


you have to grieve for her like you would anyone else. My dogs are a huge part of my life and I was devastated when prior dogs died. It'll leave a huge hole but remember her triumphs, celebrate her life, not mourn her death. Kind hugs to you, remember we are always here to chat for you


I'm so sorry love.

Big hugs xxxx


So sorry to here this hun :( big hugs, Lou x


So sorry to hear about Rosie, its hard when you lose a pet you have loved for a long time xx


might be a cat but still a member of the family. what a sad way to go. i'm sorry you lost her. my grandaughters cat is called rosie. soft hugs to you xxxx


HI elsbeth,

I am so sorry hun, i would be devastated if i lost any of my cats hun.

Awwww i just want to send you a big hug.

Take care hun and i hope it gets easier.

thinking about you, kel xxx


So sorry for the loss of your cat Rosie

I know how you feel my cat passed away

2 years ago still miss her

Take care



oh dear that is awful for you not nice but what a kind neighbour you have . well at least you can take comfor in the fact she will live on through her kittens which you have and that you gave her a lovely life the time you had her , you are crying and thats good thing letting out all that grief its notgood keeping it all in it will get easier but will take time love t you diddle x


I really feel for you. I have 2 cats Nancy and Toby who I love dearly so I understand totally the sadness you must be feeling. Sending love to you x


so sorry,our pets bring so much to us in our lifes,sending love to you&family x


So very sorry youve lost you cat.animals bring so much love and comfort and they are part of the family. RIP Rosie.x


Thanks all.

I still feel really empty and I don't like it. I am sore from head to toe today. Dizzy, still feel sick, slept really badly and feel like 3 buses ran over me.

I need to be better, my 3 year old comes home today from a stay at nanny and grumps's but I just can't do anything.

It has taken me 20 mins to write just this I am so tired and sore.

Sorry for moaning.



awww seonding you big hugs Elsbeth xx Losing a dearly loved pet to an RTA is horrible. It happened to one of mine and I was both furious and deeply upset. The shock knocks you sideways..

Your body is also trying to deal with the shock. Make sure you take your meds regularly and give your body time to settle. I know that having your child home will distract you but of course he/she will be upset at the loss too. Give each other a huge cuddle and remember that your cat was cherished and lived a better life than millions do in this world (I used to be a cat rescue volunteer).

Take each hour at a time.

Sammi x


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