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Wet wednesday 4.33am and watching foxes

Well woiiide awakels,

Got a problem downstairs that has rudely awoke me my left side and left leg and pelvic area very very heavy aching throbbing. I have experienced feeling of my bottom

Half wanting to drop out but usualy that was on standing, well am laid asleep in bed, so that cannot be it! Painkillers and stood looking out bedroom window and i see not 1 but 2 foxes just pottering around.

Pretty quiet as they usually trying to hunt a cat (mine) from under our cars.

Anyone else not slept as usual xxxxxxxxx

Aww cannot post pic from fone will post later tomoro if time as wrk, then to get Tiara for my 11 yr olds prom Thursday as the one i ordered on 29th june never arrived!

And one of my dearest Gentlemen customers is in Hospital, he would like me to visit as he in and out like a yoyo!! He is soo humorous and has me in stitches.

I think he does it just to see nurses lol well he is in his 80's now. Xx

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hi yeah i here no sleep for me as usual lol been upsince 4 am but just came on here !!!!! it really dull and miserable today here

bet your daughter getting excited for her prom they love it dont they neither of my girls wanted to go to theirs which was strange

well now going to take my dog out up the road he is laying on the slabs in the garden so he musyt be warm bless as he usully culed up on a chair or in his basket ,

love to you and hope your little problem eases as the day goes by love diddle x


Oh wow. I have walked with lions ridden on African elephants and watch game in natural surrounding but have never seen a realfox otter or badger I so jealous. Hugz petal


You should live beside me then I was beginning to think they were stalking me every te I went out last year they were sitting across the road or when I was leaving my daughters after watching the kids

They would be sitting in the middle of the road . We usually see 2 or 3 at the same time and it's even worse when they start calling for each other what a racket lol


We are lucky enough to live next to fields & the foxes have a den there. They are often in our back garden, we have a pond & waterfall. Last week I was lucky enough to see a cub taking a drink whilst mum kept a lookout!

They often sit the other side of a low wall & groom themselves. It drives my dog nuts! She whines & yaps & runs up & down the block paving terrace, I have never had to have her claws cut coz of this! The foxes just sit so serene, as they know they are safe to tease her!

I agree they make an errie loud almost baby crying sound, usually 3-4 in the morning!

There was a magical moment last winter. The field was covered in virgin snow lit my moonlight as I let Jazz out for a wee at 3am. (guess who couldn't sleep! lol) Suddenly, from the far edge of the field, two young foxes bounded over to see her. It was if they wanted to play together! And the strange thing is none of them made a sound! They just sat looking at each other, I can't put into words how special a moment it was. The two sets of pawprints across the snow at 8am confirmed I wasn't dreaming!


Ohh diddle, paradise, blossom& mary doll sorry if missed anyone i had to keep looking back as memory like a siv!! Its the short span thats bad.

If we had a chat room would be great called late night fm surgery lol.

I often wake and bored, but my bottom half just woke me up badly throbbing and base of back and leg and today felt like nerve in my right foot, so uncomfortable! Not even really pain

Anyway am pilled up on lyrica and pain relief as had wrk.

Feet feel hard to walk on :-( x

FOxes omg they always around and shout each other.

My customer mentioned he seen a badger and never believed they like size of pigs lol,

I thought more hedge hog size haha.

You learn something new everyday.

How is everyone coping ??? Xxxxxhuggles to you alll we are blessed with such a friendly site