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in is worse for me as i walked a lot yesterday it took me an hour to walk home from work ; in so much pain today thru it all & sooooo tired its a joke but ive got to go to work tonight & i know im suffering but i have to force myself today ive got my grandchildren her for a few days too so im extra tired as they get up so early

my hips hurt more today too as do my feet.. i seem to take one step forward & 2 or 3 back still must'nt moan got keep on can rest all dy on sunday but thats the busiest day of all.....

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suwie i realise its not always possible but do try and pace urself, and maybe as hard as it is you need to only have the grandchildren one night at a time. also can you get yourself a crutch as this helps with the pressure on your hip while walking big gentle hugs for you xx


As Tess so rightly says we have to try to pace ourselves with rest periods, the only thing that gets in the way of that is life! If you have a full day with grandchildren or work, it's not possible to keep resting hence the fatigue we feel afterwards.

Just make sure as soon as your schedule calms down you take it easy, pace and put yourself first. Take care.


Have you tried any natural supplements for pain? ive found magnesium helps (also helps me use the bathroom IYSWIM), ginger is a good anti-inflammatory.



Thanx everyone not tried that iyswim ?? Don't realy like ginger either fussy bugger I know but the kids are with me at the mo so its hard to rest plus I work everyday too even tho its only 2hf hrs but getting harder for me by the day will take easy when the kids go bk to there other Nans afraid to say but I've got them again for a whole week when there mum &dad go on there hunnymoon so got to rest before then thanks again for your support. Love suwie..xx


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