Because ive just read throu my appeal papers again for the 10 time lol, as i couldnt fully take it all in due to lack of concentration and stress,but basicaly shes told aload of lies all the way thou it,for instance she says i only state that i have fibo & asthma,which is a lie as i told her that i not only suffer with fibo i also suffer with depression,anxirty,asthma and chronic fatigue.and there were a few more things she lied about but to much to tipe.i just cant belive what im reading,how can these people live them them selfs

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  • No it is not too late to make a complaint. Whether this helps with your appeal though - I couldn't say. Just go through the report item by item and write down all the things you disagree with. If you have it in writing from a medical source (doctors etc) that you have medical problems other than those mentioned then make sure that you copy them and send the originals to the DWP together with a copy of your complaint letter. With regards the actual complaint, the person who assessed you will have their name on the report. I suggest that you email your letter of complaint to ATOS stating when and where you had the medical. (I posted mine and they say they didn't receive it). good luck x

  • Rotten way to treat people who are sick. If you dont feel well enough to battle this on your own, might be worth contacting Citizens Advice Bureau.

    I'm sure there are people working for ATOS who do their best to help, and some who are only thinking about £££. These are the ones that cause so much distress, how can they sleep at night? They have no conscience, and are looking after number 1.

    I do hope this can be put right, but if you are feeling too ill,perhaps someone to advise you and help in the process, will be the best way of giving you some decent sleep too. Heaven only knows, you must need it. Keep in touch, and the best of luck! xx

  • hi its never to late,i rang ATOS ,put in a complaint and got an opology,and they told dwp not to use as evidence....erm it didnt stop the dwp still using it!! anyway i sorted all that out and had to have another medical assessment,only to find that the same thing happened again,as i report being fiction!!! i used the DMG criteria in my appeal so if im refused again they will have to have a bl....y good reason as they will be contradicting their own guidlines! its because we are tired and stressed we give in...and thats what they want!!! so please fight them as you WILL win in the end...let me know how you go on xx

  • Complaining to ATOS about their dubious assessments and corrupt nurses is probably the greatest compliment you can pay them. Your time will be better spent using the appeals process to challenge this decision, stating why you think it is wrong etc.

  • Thank you all for ur help and support,I've not yet been i touch with the citizens advise I no it's silly but I've been putting off ringin them as I'm a nevous person and I'm not a very confident speaker and find it hard explaining my self,I feel sick to my stomach just thinkin about it all and I'm worried its all gettin the better of me xx

  • Why the heck is a PHYSIO doing a medical, what qualifications does a physio have to carry out a medical on another person, I would be strongly objecting to any physio even asking me personal questions about any of my illnesses, never minding giving me a medical. Grrrrr :(

  • This is where to start

    Telephone customer relations on 0113 230 9175

    Email us at

    Atos Healthcare, Block 1, Wing G, Government Buildings, Otley Road, Leeds, LS16 5PU.

    Liam Carter

    Senior Case Manager

    My Benefit Claim

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