Exercise today!

Well im off to my neighbours today at 1pm as she said got a exercise chair from argos...lol she 72 as fit as a 30 year old trust me slender slim...and a lovely bubbly person..she just text me errm dawn dont forget your exercise today plan..ive brought you some strawberries aswell.bless her..so its my first fitness in the chair as my legs arent good cant do dancing stuff ..but hey im giving it a go.and extra bonus got my friend to support me along...HAPPY DAYSXXX

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  • Have fun! :) :) :)

  • Thank you blue im a bit rough today round the edges...but im not letting betty down..i will brave it😆

  • Don't overdo it! :)

  • Slow gentle thank you so much for advice....i will try not too.abit under weather today so im gonna just do a small amount...for today....X

  • What on earth is an exercise chair? Sounds intriguing 🐸

  • Its from argos its navey blue with attachments on for feet and arms to do pull stretchs you can alter the pull strenght..let you know.my neighbour is letting me try it today..she said i can use it rather than buy one bless her...so its all new to me...because om limited its designed for us who are limited with our illness..i take a photo of it and try to download it but im hopeless on the gallery side ..ha ha...got a headache so im not going to go mad...as im on a rough day today but im gonna have a gooo....m😇

  • Don't you just love Fibro lol 🐸

  • Ohh yes brillant lovely people o must say ....well done my little exercise back sat for round two ....😧😧

  • Well done and your friend sounds lovely.x

  • Yes she lovely done ten minutes as my legs start pain me bak up sat dor round two...so we see how it goesxxx

  • Aww bless her! She sounds like one of life's truly wonderful and amazing ladies. I gneuinely hope that it all went well? Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • She sounds like a real treasure to have as a friend, hope you enjoy your exercise session xx

  • Arrh she is been up today done twenty minutes i was sweating puffing and panting...bak monday so im enjoying it with company bless her she 70 and its a zumba dvd...she moves quicker than me.lol as im legs bad i do it slowly but just jog on spot...but i need to as im dieting aswell so hooefully it will help me shift some pounds i cooked a dinna ffor her all veg steamed with sausages lolxxxx

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