Fibro for a long time?

Ive had fibro for a long time, i cope quite well, although not so good today. Im trying to get part time work that will suit me as ive taken voluntary redundancy 8 wks ago....feeling a little low as ive been to sign on today although the staff have been kind, they dont seem to get that i must work part time.....sorry im ranting.....soft hugsxx....

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  • Is it paid work or voluntary that you are seeking?

    I wish you well in getting something suitable for yourself.

    Soft Hugs, x x x

  • Hi Soul susie Its paid part time work im seeking soft hugs and thankyou jackie

  • Well I can only wish you good luck in your quest, I am not able to work with my conditions, so I admire those who are able to.

    Soft Hugs x x x

  • good luck omshanti on the job hunting and Ihope you feel brighter soon take care love beth

  • Thankyou Beth x

  • Thankyou Chris xx

  • I've had Fibro for about 17 years, and like you eventually had to go part time as full-time was making me really ILL. After a couple of years even this was no longer possible - I think I pushed it too hard when I was full-time, and never completely recovered. You've made a good decision and I hope it works out well for you.

  • Ive had fibro for about 15 yrs....thankyou for your reply, feel im learning not to push my self, thats why im worried about getting another job, as it must be the right pt time hrs...just want balance x

  • ((Gentle hug))

    I do hope you manage to find something suitable very soon x

  • I'm in good health compared to most here, I home educate so am at home most of the time. I'm thinking of volunteering to help people with reading difficulties, it makes me feel good to help anyone, which is good for my health and might help with getting back into paid work once my son goes to college/uni/work.

    I wish you luck:)


  • Thankyou for your reply, I think what you are doing is wonderful, and I hope you find a really good placement to help people with reading difficulties, we need someone like you in the world.

    Good Luckx

  • Oh my, I think that's one of the nicest things I've ever had said to me, thank-you:))

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