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Alately it is hard work stressful as i am a Trader and unfair as everything is consumer rights (discrimination)!!

Alately it is hard work stressful as i am a Trader and unfair as everything is consumer rights (discrimination)!!

A rant no need to reply if cannot help or make any comments thats fine i just need to air things.

I am so frustrated and upset alately as i provided an 'excellent' service for a customer and because i found after doing the quote they knew a close relatives brother whom she had dated i gave lots of extra work for them too which was not quoted for at all and made all look lovely!! the relative whom i was extremely close to passed away in 2008 so cannot ask what went on if she knew anything.

full days work with 4 ppl as a lot to do to make back up to date again.

Let me stress in all the years i have traded i have never once had one dis-satisfied customer and always highly praised, i become too unfit since 2010 to work and have employed girls.

However, i was present the whole clean and thoroughly checked was all good and sparkly when left.

This customer decided to go away on the very day we were doing the job for 5 days

the customer arrived back 5 days later and whilst away had some one look after the house because whilst on the phone the other person admitted some one was looking after the house.

i ask that anyone has an issue to let me know within 24hrs! so can go immediately and correct if need be (but this has never once had to happen to me)

customer comes back and after my hours phones and tells me bits missed upstairs, so i said i was out and would call within one hour this did not go down well as it is (really rude to me) i rang within one hour and then said i was sorry and will go 1st thing on next working day which would be Monday as it was friday evening when called and was finished, i work but only enquiries and paperwork.

This was no way going to happen even offering same evening they bluntly refused which made me curious as no one would not want some one back if they done something wrong ie if was a plumber, painter/decorator, electrician, builder you would let them come back???

so she presents photos but they seemed weird as i had checked this particular work and was spotless, then another 3 days passed and presents another problem to something else which i would never touch anyway (freezer) because this has to be booked in and defrosted before cleaned but i never do them anyway!! only a fridge. so to tell me was broken lead me to think even more curiously as if was done it would of left enough evidence anyway. Anyhow.

i then gets a threat to take further action ???? what but i offered to go back and offered partial refund for the little bits missed and then had to wait the stafff tome come back to question and she was able to tell me things that i knew were true so knew this felt more like some sort of set up for me. why i dont know. i sense it i strongly do!!!!

i sent her a recorded letter and a partial refund and a gift voucher after everyone telling me i was insane and not to do it!! but i am too nice and i think i have been taken advantage of strongly.

it was thier decision to go away and leave us and come back 5 days after.

They left a loose cabinet too which was heavy and placed on 2 tiny speakers which on checking work if fell on me!! in my condition with spinal cord compression in my neck i had to use all my strength to push back and use my head too which set all the things off again but i nevr kicked up a fuss and i was never apologised to either!! i think i mentioned some wehre a bit back about it falling on me. So if customer wants to get funny then i am going to claim on her too for the suffering it has caused me this month from the start . had to cancel many things as laid up on/off.

not happy bunny after alllll the blooming extras i gave her. sooo not nice at all xx

everything i have looked up is consumer rights and nothing for help with Traders.

You hear of cowboy traders i had a cowboy customer

thank you all for reading and sorry to bore the pants off you too heheeh xxxxx

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I just had to reply! What a horrible person that 'customer' sounds. I'm sorry they've caused you such grief. But I truly believe in the saying 'what goes around, comes around'. Some people unfortunately just weren't born 'nice'. I really hope things get sorted for you soon, lots of warm cwtches, S x


hi Fairycuddly

hmmm sounds like a proffessional complainer, needs to be blacklisted.

I have met the odd one or two like that

are your girls still working there ? if so maybe they could video their work on their mobiles and when she tries it again you will have photographic evidence

Do you know any freindly solicitors who could send a letter ? it worked for us

so sorry this saga is still going on ,

wow she did have go down with a bump when i did my imaginary bop

hope it all gets sorted asap

hugs J xx


Hiya hunni

You did all you could and more and I would have left it at that. If I were you I would do as you say and pen off a letter to her saying that due to unsfae items in her home she has left you now choice but to seek legal advice becasue of injuries you sustained trying to put things right, things you had not done wrong in the first place. We have neighbour like that and she is just out for what she can get for free. Offer her nothing else at all. I have been all over the net since reading this looking for something to help you. Plenty of protection for traders in australia, but not seeming to find any here xxxxx


Ohhh am so so thank full .

Its so difficult as i have nothing but good feedback !

I always always take before and after pics of wrk too when they are initial as it actually shows how much hard wrk went it to it all.

Unfortunately i had not enough storage on my phone and as much as i was deleting old pics it still would not let me!

I would not dare dream of doing such a thing as you do not set something up if you do not believe in yourself and it was from years in the past of others telling me i should.

The customer in question her property is very highly secured with CCTV too & gates etc so it does lead me to question if it is because of doing this often.

I wrote in the letter there should be no further contact from them.

Also i mentioned the cabinet but no details at all as did not want to give anything away.

If i do pursue it which its not me!! But after this episode maybe they also should learn a lesson from it.

Its such a difficult position and i have surfed the net.

I also rang Trading standards and told them what went on and the lady even said she could understand as i said how do i know its a personal way of revenge on my Antys brother and her splitting and him leaving to another country.

I have even discussed with valued customers i have and they believe its a bit suspicious mainly the fact not allowing me back to see the wrk despite the pics she presented.

I know it was done i swear to it.

But so wish i had pics myself so i could of turned round and said ohh funny i have photos showing it was done!

Gutted on my behalf.

Anyway and thanks to alll of you replying i did not expect any it was just me ranting lol had to get it out.

If was a regular thing i would never of posted.

If she puts a bad review on my site i will do for slander too so i been advised to.

It was actually friends of theirs Whi highly recomended me and they posted a 'wow' on my site.

I actually have solicitors, lawyers barristers etc etc as customers, dr's surgeons and so on alll lovely am blessed.

I was gutted when after my operation it prevented me from continuing what i love so much!!

So gave others a job hoping i can continue am fighting it but its soooooo hard.

I am so very Thank ful to you all and if you find anything plz let me know

Xxxxxxxxxxxxlots of huggles and love to you allll xx


Rest assured you have done more than what u should have to right a wrong you did not create. Perhaps they had intended to lean on the friendship of the deceased person and emo blackmail for a free job when it did not come out the way they planned they caused a nause.

I would advise your girls keep a keen ear out for malicious remarks from her or her mates as you could then hit her with defamation

Put it behind as a lesson learned and always make sure of before abd after tell your clients from the start that you do this as a matter of course, make sure it becomes the rule of the day


you blast away my dear, its always good employers that are abused im not quite sure what it is you do, but didnt like to assume it was cleaning, but i think may be it is from reading you post above.

Apologies if its been mentioned, but how about as each job it left that an account of the work is documented on a photo. most phones have cameras these days and you could always print them off and ad them to your paperwork. i know its extra work and money of course for printing which eats into any profits, but whatever the problem, if someone tried to to their best for me i would happily accept it in good faith. it does all sound fishy to me that she is after something.

I can only pray for you that things get sorted out. you dont need grief. I say to people i dont want stress as stress makes pain worse and she certainly isnt helping you xxx(((hugs)))


You are better off without nasty bits of work like this person.

Steer clear.

Glad you let off steam, it can not good keeping it in, its good to vent. xxx


Thank you fm friends

I have passion for my cleaning Business i am a 'toothbrush' clean girl and highly trained clinically too from Hospitals in past so i do take great pride.

I usually do before & after pics unfortunately did not have enough storage on my fone on this one occasion so deeply upset by the whole situation.

I only stopped due to health & put great trust in girls to do as i did once.

Sometimes in life we have no control on certain situations no matter how hard and dedicated we are.

I once had a self employed girl wrk for me and a customer said certain things in general clean not to my standard, however i had photographic evidence so when telling customer she was shocked and i put down to a nanny wanting my job as her time was up with the kiddies going to school i been going a few yrs so i was very lucky.

Cannot trust anyone!

The nanny had other nannys in as a huge house so was getting used after clean done this went in my favour too.

Cleaning business can be difficult at times when there is others wanting to step on your toes.

I take seriously so always have photos done.

Such a shame but its the way now for future.

Anyways i am so appreciative on comnents and thoughts and help.

Its stressed me out i can say.

I am such a nice easy nature and when your vulnerable too ppl take advantage give an inch they take a mile!

Well am sooo shattered now .

Lots of love n huggles to you all xxxxx cazzie -caroline xx


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