I had the man from DIAL round in may to help fill in my forms and he asked me if i would like to buy some raffle tickets so i bought 3 at a pound each and forgot all about it as the draw was not until 18th aug , i had a message left on my home phone today saying i had won a prize of 2 tickets to the local cinema so that was a nice surprise lol io never win anything so i will either take my daughter as she treated me a few weeks ago to see ted or i will give thenm to her to take her friend to see something so a good end to the day love to all diddle xxx

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  • thats a nice surprise for you...well done x x :D

  • Yeahhhhh, nice unexpected gift for you, you enjoy it. :) xxxxx

  • Congrats diddle.why dont u go with daughter.so pleased for you.xx

  • Don't give them away Diddle, have a lovely evening out. I hear Ted is brilliant.

    Hugs to all xx

  • Well done Diddle x x x

  • Well done Diddle ... ohh go and see Ted and have a good giggle. The jokes are so wrong ... but it is okay you are in the dark so no-one can see hehehe.

    Julie xxx

  • what a nice surprise! regards, sandra.

  • Fabulous xx

  • I love surprises like this so well done you! Agree you should keep one ticket and go along with your daughter. You will have a lovely time xx

  • Well done, a nice prize, I won a medium sized 'Me to You' bear a couple of months ago.

  • Well done have a good nite out.

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