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hi 9 went to my daughters today who gave mre 6 bags of clothes and shoes oh thanks i said no mmum can you take them to theplace near you on the industrial estate as they give you money for clothes !!!!!!!!!!! she lives half hour away from me if your wondering why i had to do it

ok i said a bit sceptical but sure enough thereit was clothes for cash never even knew it was ther lol

do you know she got £22.40 p for those 6 bin bags so she was chuffed but gutted too as only last week she had a man with a van come to clear out her garage and she let him take 12 bags of kids clothes /shoes etc !!!! so there went probably anpther £80 !!!! or more

oh well i dont know if you have anything like that where you are but it is a good idea isnt it i think i better go around the house now and see what i can find lol

love to you all diddle xx

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That was goodDiddle but hard on you hope you goy haulage rates daughter is the same and she is 35 but still thinks Oh good ole Mum she will do it.

I have not been able to go out now for over 6 weeks and her partner called to say your mum is out of yogurt (my mum is in a home because I am too ill to look after her any more ) he works at the home she is in. I said Oh I cant get to the shops and he said Oh well just passing on the message that I was given when I went into work,Joke!!! or what!!!

But back to you I dont know if we have a shop like that I could fill it up LOL What area are you in?

hugs to you Diddle x x

Rainbowdancer xx


Sorry Diddle but I read and re-read my reply and it was not untill I had read it out loud to my husband that I realized all my mistakes. this does happen often. Hope you got commision was what I meant lol.

RD x x x


hi lol oh i didnt mind doing it as she put the bags in my car and the man the other end gott them out and i was going to the shop near there any way so that was ok if she had bought the clothes over in her big 2 litre car it would have cost her £15 in fuel lol

but that is bad about your brother i must say

oh well i do hope you can find one it is called clothes for cash perhaps write it in google and see if it comes up in your area put that in too

i live in Lowestoft Suffolk love diddle x


You'll get more for them on EBay - I've sold lots of mine for pretty good prices. I too have a daughter who things 'mum'll do it' but mum's getting to the point where mum CAN'T do it, so she's got a shoc

k coming.


Aren't daughters lovely!!! My youngest is just moving out AGAIN!!!! 4th time lucky!!! She still expects me to be able to pack her stuff in my car and then hump it all out and into her 2nd floor flat. I could do that a year ago, I even managed with help to move her 6mths ago, but she still can't fathom that today I will find it difficult to load anything heavier than a teapot.(and that as long as it is empty!!) "But I have a bad back" she wails!! Hope her sister is able to do heavy stuff. Was hoping for couple strong men but they have to work after all. Sods Law! Will defiinately see if we have a 'Cash for clothes ' in our area. We have Freecycle but not come across the other. Just sold a pair of shoes on eBay, but find it a lot of hassel for not much. Have to get to the Post Office to post them now!!! XX


i do it all the time my hubby is a bit tight with money lol but he took some clotehs and got fifteen pounds. he decided to sort his wardrobe out and take them up only took me four years lol but he loves it xxxx


lol funny what a bit of money wioll do isnt it h a ha love diddle x


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