I won

i have been fighting for my DLA payments, as i was getting middle care and high mobility and they took it down to low rate care. On wednesday i went to a tribunal with my children with me, who are my carers and i won its back to how it was and its being back dated to november last year. i'm so happy i will be able to afford things again.

I wish everyone going though the same thing good luck, and take your carers with you, so they can say how you really are.

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  • That is such good news, well done. I am so pleased for you. :)

    I am starting my fight with them so its good to hear good stories from them.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • Just keerp going. get in touch with your benefit welfare officer as he helped us as well. also get as much info from your doctors and consultants thats something else i did

  • it is nice to hear of successes ,well done !!

  • Well done, its always great to hear when someone wins :) xx

  • So pleased for you x

  • Congratulations pet, great news, hope everyone including myself follow suit xxx

  • Well done, so glad to hear someone finally has won at last. Think of all that back pay you can now do something nice for yourself.

  • Well done, gentle hugs

  • Hi secretldy, well done really pleased for you, I had good news yesterday after nearly 2 yrs of battling i have high rate care/mobility for nxt 3yrs.

    lets hope its a sign of good thing to come for us all

    hugs poppy xxx

  • wel done poppy xx

  • thats great news x

  • well done, now u will b able 2 get ur carers nice treat with the backdated money, they r r true heroes xx

  • Brilliant and treat yourself with the back pay and the children xxx

  • aww well done secretldy!

    so you deserve to have won because no one knows the suffering but us and it is hard.

    it is more difficult because ther is no true technology to support us x

  • hi secretidy great news xx

  • Yay!!! Well done secret. That gives me hope for my re-apply, had if for last 3 yrs so hoping things go as well for me this time round! xxx

  • Thank you everyone. and i wish all the people that are waiting to hear good luck. it can be done, we can beat the government and the DWP. Soft hugs to everyone

  • Hi All

    I don't know if it is allowed to mention websites in this forum but I joined benefitsandwork.co.uk/ and it was the best 20 squid I have ever spent. It has repaid itself in bucketfuls.

    As a subscribed member you can get guides for DLA, DLA Appeals, 70 questions you’re likely to be asked at your DLA medical.....plus ESA, IB and PIP guides.

    The guides are updated regularly as rules change and for a subscribed member the website and forum are stuffed full of useful information and breaking news.

    My DLA went from low mobility, low care to high mobility, middle care by filling my forms in using the guides. Its a long process to do it all correctly but bear with it, a bit a day, its so worth the effort.

    I dont work for Benefits and Work so my comments are from personal experience only.

    Best of luck and gentle hugs to you all


  • Congratulations, gives us all hope xx

  • we can all win. if anyone is having difficulty just drop me a line and my son and i will try and help you.

  • Thats Sweet, Bless you

  • we all deserve it, they just don't know the pain we go through. if you have a leg in plaster then they can see that, but pain and fatigue they cannot see. plus some doctors still don't think its as bad as it is. some doctors need to be educated.

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