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I started on my merry-go-round journey with benefits, about 2 and a half years ago. Like everyone, i've been put through hoops and made to feel scared and lost in all the bureaucratic jumble. DLA was was kinda straight forward. Initially I was put on a lower rate but was changed to the higher rate, almost immediately.

ESA(everyone shoved about) made us crazy. From the beginning i was placed in the work related activity group. Me, my doctors and even employees of the job centre, couldn't understand why. I started an appeal right away. My appeal,and all the completed paperwork, was lost TWICE. By the time the 3rd appeal was submitted, the 365 days of benefits was ended. It took 3 months for someone to get back to me, to say that I couldn't appeal and extend the 365 days. I wasn't trying to extend the 365 days, I was trying to get into the support group(submitted my 4th appeal). I was beyond mad. I just couldn't believe the level of incompetency that was being demonstrated!

On Tuesday I got a letter saying that the first decision was overturned and that I was being placed in the Support Group. Not only was I moved but that i was owed the difference in money, from the very beginning!

I don't know how long it's going to take to receive MY MONEY but there's a lot of bill collectors that will be happy.

My advise to all my fibro family is "Don't let the f**kers wear you down". They can be BEAT and sometimes the little guy wins...

love you all and take care,


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Well done so nice to hear someone winning despite everything

Vg x


well done :)


Well done to you !!! This whole new system is reliying on people like us to be so ill that we won't appeal !! Then they save money !!! We won't be able to work therefore not be able to claim job seekers its win win for them and lose lose for us !!!!!! Yet the people who have never worked get income support and all the benefits that are linked to that

I feel so strongly about the way they are picking on the defensless !!! We are to exausted to fill in form after form !! I know of people who have worked 30-40 yrs paying the government each week then when help is needed its only given for the infamous 365. Days !!!!!!

I also have a friend who has never worked and complains because she was given paint to decorate her house from the council and she had to paint herself !!!!! She was disgusted they wouldn't do it for her!!!!!!! Can you believe that ???? I agree this countries in a state but putting ill people through hell and causing untold stress when paying lazy people to stay home is wrong so wrong !!!!!

Sorry to go on but its unfair , please if you are going through this don't give up !!!!!! You will get there !

Take care all you fibros out there x


Thanks all, for the good tidings.

Allpainedout, you are on your soapbox shouting the truth! That scares me and probably everyone else with fibro. Fibro is very often scoffed off by folks and even some medical professionals! I hurt all the time, just like a lot of other people out there. Forget filling out forms, I had to ask a friend to type both these messages for me cause my hands hurt so much today.

All I know is that I'm not a skiver and I don't appreciate when people compare me to a benefit fraudster.

Keep fighting everyone

Take care



Congratulations we should never give up and let them win! X


That's great news ,, wow ,, lots of people will be sooo happy to know this can happen because some folk just give up,, spose that's because the way they treat people is so incompetently maybe in hope they'll give up . Nice one ,, hope you get your money soon x


Well done Charlie, bout time someone had some positive news about these critters... how they get away with their level of stupidity is beyond me. Treat yourself to something nice when you get your money. Well done :) xxx


ohh charlie so so thrilled for you!! its a nightmare and why any of us should have to go through so much of the suffering and heartache and anger an frustration which can make anyone depressed (which we try steer clear of ) so pleased and i hope you get every penny due!!

I got my envelope today from DLA and was knocked back and i have been so down but i will continue to fight my corner as you have as everything they said was contradictive to what was put down also makes me so angry of those i know that do have it granted to them in my real life around me and only when i had to go through it did i realise how FAKE some ppl are !! xx

Good for you as why on earth would any of want to even claim disability as we would so much raqther be our 'old' selves again as i sure would give anything even my business to be me again!! i would start a new one lol xxxxxxxxxxxx huggles and lots of huggles


Many congrats, well done you! You're brave and persistent, and it's paid off. :) :)

Moffy x


Well done, every person that get's the right results at their appeal shows that it is worth fighting for what you are legally entitled to.

All those out there that think "there is NO point fighting" this is even more proof that there IS a point to fighting, the more that do the more likely it is that FM is recognised as a genuine debilitating illness.

((((((((((gentle hugs))))))))))


Well done !! Xxxxx


Well done you!!!

Hope it dosen't it take too long to get your dosh!!

Seriously many congrats

All the best,Bibi


well done and god bless xxxx


Fantastic news, Charlie. Wish you'd not been put through the mill but glad you got justice in the end.

K x


Thank you soooo much Kirby.

take care,

I wish all of you out there, good luck too



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