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just an update been to Dr today ...what again lol and i can not stop giggling and am suffering ...whaaat lol

well went and just giggly all the time even my daughter walked out the room (she is 12) so its embarrasing for her hahaha.

got infection in both ears !! :-( Dr said so which ear is the worst as both are really inflamed aswell and the pain shooting on right side of head yet my left side i am burning up so much i have to get fresh air and ice packs to cool down (not using my birdseye garden peas )

so got antibiotic sprapy steroids so lets see how goes as got a busy day tomoro no time to rest all am afraid i chose to carry on runniny my work so lets gooo goo goo ..

ohh and the shooting dullness of either side of jaw taking it turns its just a joke too but i can handle this as it does not last long!!

told Dr if it moves in i had enough as that is the last resort.

i so can handle so much but that is bad! and its where there is no teeth..i not a gummy bear yet but not far off heheh xx

Was in pharmacy aaaages talking to pharmacist and he said his mum has neck problems and severe migrains and said that accupuncture helped, my sister had it and said it was ok for her as she has nerve issues from shoulder to arm hand on right side but amitryptiline has done the trick for her and like a human being again! i sooooo wish!!

told him all my issues and he was ohhh you so have been through the mill and are suffering and dont know how you do it as you brighten up our pharmacy everytime you come in as your always happy smiley giggly

guess thats niiiiice to know (mrs browns) heheheh xx hope you alll doing ok and coping as best you can and now to venture round the posts and see what i can do to help :-) love to you alll your so wonderful to me i dont know what i do without you all xxxxxxxxxxxxhugs

no main pic file i realy cannot be fussed tonite

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I too have the dreaded ear infection, so know the pain and irritation you are feeling. I seem to get one yearly, either in the right ear or both. Has knocked me off my balance too. I have got the antibiotic and steroid spray for 10 days, so let's hope it works for both of us

Take care



Oh you poor couple - do hope the spray etc works :) keep smiling xgins (There is no other way but to grin and bare it no not gin and bare it grin)


I must congratulate you as I am not always a happy bunny and the pain seems too much to cope with, so your ability to smile and giggle your way through is fab. I have a good sense of humour, you will see me in the lighthearted posts enjoying them, but when it comes to walking out of the door and being able to smile and cope when in a lot of pain, well I'm nowhere near as good as you.

I really truly hope your ear infections clear quickly, as a child I was prone to ear troubles and later had a perforated ear drum which, it must be was agony, but it cleared up, so,,sending healing thoughts your way. Foggy x


you have to laugh sometimes, it sort of helps you through . when i'm in a lot of pain i try and think about the people worse off then me.

gentle hugs x


i tend to drink too much wine and feel totally f.... in the mornings when i do, but it's nice while i am drinking it


Oh oh if only I could feel totally f#@$€ d in the morning pmsl fairy cazz you havebto stop putting your ear against the neighbours wall to

Hear what the am doing lol they obviously talk so much s#×@t that it has ckogged up your ears and caused infection lol hugz. Petal


Poor you,Ear infections in both ears!! one ear is bad enough!

An old "Recipe" of my dear old nan, that always did the "trick" for me when suffering with my ears, I (sounds dreadful!) ears so clogged up with wax, can happen over night. I just get up totally deaf as a doddo!

I did"nt believe it @ first after trying all types of lotions & potions but have you tried Olive Oil just a few drops in each ear (one @ a time of course) and just leave it there whilst you rest your head on a pillow for about 5 mins, till cooked!! always did/does the trick for me even if its just to relieve the discomfort of it all??

Apparently came from the 1st World War when no medicines we available?>

Worth a try, I sincerely hope it gives you some sort of relief if you do?

Been in bed myself for 5 weeks soilid with "Flare-up", afraid I am not as cheerful as you, feeling rather sorry for myself in fact as on the old Oral Morph @ moment as pain unbearable, which induces depression but getting over nasty bout of shingles, UTI & on top have bed-sores now as I"m so thin (5stone)!

Anyway sending you gentle loving hugs. Praying pain subsides soon with Meds. Love BB x


Wow I am sorry to hear that you are having a flare, but as I read your comment I see that you are taking Oramorph . I think you are the first person on here that I have seen that that's it. It was good to know I am not the only one who takes it but I am also sorry you are in so much pain you can't get out if bed. I at least can get up and make it downstairs but not a lot else. My other half tries to understand but he just can not relise how much pain I am in. He thinks that if you take Oramorph it takes away all the pain and you should be fine! I do find Oramorph does help but I only ever take enough for it to dull the pain not take it away completely, as I think I would just be asleep all the time if I did ( but as you can see i do not sleep at all well as it is 3 am and i am awake!!!). Does the Oramorph take away all your pain? My GP seems happy to keep increasing the amount until I am pain free but something in the back of my head doesn't think that's a good idea

I hope you feel better soon

Caroline xxx


Wow, whats going on? I have an infection in both ears too!


Thanks Caroline for reply. I am of same mind-set as you, I only use Oramorph as emergency cases, such as know with added pain of sringles (horrendous pain!) & UTI. Otherwise I fear we have no where left to go if we took it on a daily basis. For the past week GP increased Dose just to stop me screaming out in pain. Thankfully my GP is quite happy to prescribe it for me. As before I practically lived in hospital (have other chronic pain illnesses aswell as fibro!) before. So grateful to have it @ home @ least husband manages my medication & can "sleep", whats that as pain keeps me awake but like I said I"ve had no option to take "knock-out dose" recently. To be honest I would have done anything to take away unbearable pain.

Do you find you get depressed after taking it? because I know I do, thats why I only use it as "Emergency!"! Mind you 5 weeks unable to get out of bed has now left me with bed-sores as pain intolerablle, husband carries me to en-suite just too weak & in too much pain to walk!

I can"t remember what my downstairs looks like! Also you know whilst on it you have no interests, hav"nt even switched TV on in our room & I love to read but find it impossible to concentrate, as OM just knock me out!

Lovely to hear off you, I also hav"nt heard of anyone else on Oral Morphine, was beginning to think I was the only one, so thanks for that.

Best wishes to you & hope your OM free for a long time!! I can"t wait to get to haidressesers as been in "Flare-up" since before Christmas & look like a Dulux-dog, can"t even see through me fringe!! Oh well thats the least of our worries. God Bless you Love Lynn xx


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