ESA Tribunal...I won!

Hi All

Just to let you all know that i won my ESA tribunal this morning...i was awarded the minimum15 points needed to win in 20 minutes. They asked about my meds, peeing frequently and my inappropriate temper and that was it!. They hardly touched on the fibro. We were asked to leave the room and 10 minuted later was called into another room by the clerk and informed i had won and no further evidence was needed and that we could go. The doctor who interviewed me was lovely and understanding, not at all like the ATOS interview.

Am so relieved that it is over now. Thankyou to all that gave me hints and tips, i followed them and i think it all helped. I didn't take a handbag, my husband drove and opened doors for me, and i made myself look as uncomfortable and anxious as i could be.

Thankyou everyone, and if any has any questions, please feel free to ask. If i can help at all, i will try.

Big hugs to all x

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  • well done lovely im made up for u xxx


    Celebrate gently - but lots!


  • I'm really happy for you Nicola!!!! hope its the start of something good xxx

  • Fantastic news Nicola. Well chuffed for you love. xxx

  • I am so happy for you hun,

    Well done what a relief you must feel now.

    big hugs kel xxx

  • Im so pleased you ve won, Im glad about the handbag tip , they can pick up on the least little thing, well done, go and have a well deserved rest

  • yay how wonderful !!!!!! :) :) :) :)

  • Ohhh well done!!! i actually have a lump in my throat because i run my own self employed cleaning and i am struggling so bad to keep it going and its only for my 21yr old daughter i still have the customers i have!!! i just look busy when i go to their homes to clean pottering! (long story) but ppl keep saying to me why don't you try for disability and i jsut reply 'well if doctor thought that it would be mentioned' it so hurts to not to be able to do what i so LOVE doing!! i set up 4 yrs ago and 1st yr tough 2nd year did ok and got me the car i wanted, then i had an op and i have gone down hill ever since may 2010 then my neck and compresion on spinal cord and nerves Feb 2011 and ever since its new symptoms or old flare ups, some days i cant even use my hands or drive!.. i cant cope anylonger!! but because i still get up and get in the car and drive i feel well i dont deserve it but i really really suffer!! this really touched me as maybe there is a possibility..i know ppl who claim and are ok and i work so hard and have 4 kids and try running house and my 2 big white german shepherds (not walked for 2yrs now almost) because of the nerve stuff and so many things.. mood swings are herendous, the stiffness all my left side is so weak, i drag my leg now and again, my speech jumbling, thinking, co ordinating memory, balance, haeadaches etc etc etc on and on and on!!! i am not the same and my friends have alll noticed! should i just mention to doctor.. but i have not had a true diagnosis i have seen loads?/ now jsut waiting for Neurologist..i did have the rarest form of glandular fever too when younger 20yrs ago so they are trying to eliminate things. i came on here cos it fitted everything i was going through. I have to say i have a great hubby who does a lot around teh house to help as i never have any energies left and it frustrates me so badly. You have made me think there is a chance now do you think x

  • Hi

    You sound exactly the same as me. I had a cleaning business a few years ago but gave up after 2 years as i could not do it any more. I last worked in a pub but found it so hard to lift things and stand on my feet for hours so i had to give that up too. I have 4 children and 2 dogs aswell. I find it so hard some days and gets terribly frustrated and lose my temper..i feel so guilty as it's not their fault i'm like i am.

    I had a diagnosis from 3 gp's at my surgery and am waiting to see a rhuematologist.

    If you cannot cope with the job no more, pack it in, it's too much for someone with this condition. I find it hard enough to get through the day with just running the house and the kids, and i also have a fab hubby who helps me. I don't think i could possbly do a job aswell. Go back to the docs and keep going to you get the help you need.

    Big hugs to you hun

    Nicola x

  • well done hun i am so pleased hung and all my well wishes to you

  • Congrats thats brilliant, what a huge weight off for you xxx

  • Congratulations its is great to hear your of your success.

    i have worked hard (too hard) all my life and when first left work ill was receiving phi from them. however this has now stopped and i have to start on the benefits road and feel quiet daunted by the prospect. its hard to have been a proud successful career woman, to encounter the diagnosis and disbelief all we fibro do, but now to have to sign on (my age) scares and if i am honest makes me feel a little humiliated, as i know i will now have to face all those none believers again, but we have no choice and i have to start the process now.

    your success has lifted my spirits today. thank you for sharing.

  • Hi Happe

    I feel the same as you do. I worked since 16 and worked fulltime with 3 children, and when i had my 4th worked part time. I re trained to become a beauty therapist with the hope of going mobile but i honestly wouldn't be able to do that now...i couldn't carry all the equipment around and my hands tremble when trying to do intricate things so nails is out of the question.

    I feel like some people think " she 's just a stay at home mum and don't want to work" but thats simply not the case, i can't work now, it's too much to bear. I feel some sort of relief now that i've won the appeal as i feel like they've finally listened to me. And maybe they are starting to recognise fibro as a disability and not in peoples heads!

    Good luck to you with your process.

    Nicola x

  • thank you Nicola, i have two children and worked full time until this illness took hold at 45 years. i enjoyed your reply, its uplifting to know others feel as you do. also when facing such negativity positive results help us endure.


  • Having success with your ESA could mean having success with DLA as when you apply for DLA they look to see if you have been awarded ESA and that could help your claim. Congrats on your win

  • Hi


    I haven't applied for dla as i thought i wouldn't have a hope in hells chance. Seems some people have been awarded dla who have fibro though. We can only but try i suppose x

  • Hi nicola

    I applied for dla in nov 2012 and was awarded the higher rate care componant. I was advised by a jobcentre plus worker to appeal as i hadnt been awarded the mobility componant. I did this and now theyve stopped all of my dla. I have appealed but im now waiting for a tribunal date. Im so angry that theyve stopped it. My point is you can get dla for fibro, but be careful of following advice from jobcentre plus staff.

  • Well done you so pleased for you glad you getting what you deserve feel like i got it myself so pleased for you take care love to you diddle x

  • Thankyou diddle x

  • Fab news Nicola, I have had the good and the bad of ATOS staff, the good one was lovely the bad one was a disgrace to the medical profession xx

  • Hi

    at the first 2 medicals i went for, i had a women each time and they were nice. The third time i had a fella, and he looked at me like i was scum on the bottom of his shoe. He was abrupt, rude and rather condescending...i knew i had failed the medical soon as i walked out of there. He made me feel so uncomfortable and had me into a jibbering wreck and he twisted my words!. The appeal doctor & lawyer were really nice and made me feel relaxed, they stated very quickly they were not part of atos and independant from the dwp. I feel they actually did listen to me and understood how hard it is to have this condition and trying to bring up 4 children, 1 who is on the autistic spectrum. xxx

  • Well done, very pleased for you !!!!!!

  • Ty Ebony, and ty for your advice xxx

  • Thanks christine. x

  • well done nicola i am very happy for you now you can relax a little and stop the worry ....

    hugs xx

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