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Blossoms in the storm


Am to tired weary and heartsore to blog husband that I ran away from in zimb has moved in after desperate request from dAughter in zimb here for three months has been diagnosed with luekemia does not accept illness in anyone include him other kids who blame me for breakup visit ignore me totally I get snapped at for using phone lap top has been taken away am in a world of storms. Petal

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im worried for you fadedblossom,why has he come here to live with you?your kids have no right treating you like this let alone your husband you ran away from.

you must have had your reasons to have left him in first are a lovely person and im very worried for you.

you need to go and see someone and get help asap.

it seems all to controlling and im worried about you and what might happen.

weve all been wondering where you have been?please please be safe and put yourself and your health first.

i appreciate hes very ill but you dont deserve this either you are very ill.

im here for you lots hugs xx

oh blossom i feel so much for you, sending all my love


Left him due to emotional cruelty. He is here for three months not strong nuff to fight back I am a bad wife and useless mother so I guess Ideserve this p

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NO YOU DO NOT!!! I so feel for you, love, but this is NOT your fault, and you certainly don't deserve this. Do you have a care worker, a good friend or relative you can speak to? You def. need to speak to someone, why not try Citizens Advice or Samaritans?

In your shoes, I'd be talking to my doctor and maybe even a solicitor with a view to getting him out of my house with an injunction, and if the kids don't acknowledge you when they visi, I'm guessing they didn't really visit much at all before he came? You have nothing to lose by getting him out, why don't one of the kids take him to live with them??

With fibro, we can't afford stress, esp. not for three months of pergatory. You owe him nothing, love, take care of YOU. God Bless xxxx

I dont think you deserve it fadedblossom, you are a lovely person take heart do not let him bully you . I take it he is staying with you because you a lovely person. Is it your house? If so point it out to him do not take any bullying were with you in spirit x gins

hello blosson please please do not think of yourself as bad wife and mum you are not. I do agree will all the above you do need to get advice I wish I could do something for you please take care sweetheart you are a lovely person gentle hugs love beth xx


the man is ill and he needs to stay in london for spec reatment there is none in zimb and they have no funding there. cant and will not throw a sick personout i have a fear of using the phone and of leaving my home i dont even put the bin out my carer does it. when i am alone i keep my curtains closed i write poems and blogs because they are anon and i cant be reached by strangers. the only child that speaks to me has begged me to take him in and so i did. only wrote the top blog to unload my helplessness and put it into words that way my brain tells mei have taken some action petal

Ohh Petal

Your heart is so big - you deserve so much better than to have to put up with a bully.

You are not a bad wife or mother - you are a wonderful generous person but you have your own battles to fight. Be certain not to let your ex overstay his Visa. Make sure your carer knows what is going on won't you?

Good luck

Julie xx

Just a thought - why can't he stay with his children if they are so worried?

Julie xx


he is a brit brn here and they are too far from london where he is being treated.

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Petal he is not your responsibility. I know you love your daughter, she is a lovely girl caring like you, but you should not have been asked. It does not matter where they live, they should take all responsibility for getting him to hospital.

I am so worried. Try to reply to my texts. xxx

Oh Petal - you are in a pickle. You need to get someone on your side over this because it looks like a diaster just waiting to happen, please talk to your carer or CAB or social services or all the other people that other posters have suggested.

Thinking of you xx


Petal I agree with everyone here, don't let anyone bully you, it does'nt matter who they are, please get some help love and take care, gentle hugs Claire xxxxx

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