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atos face to face in the Morning

hey guys i have bad back pain and i am on nerve tabs due to braking me back so i sent out for pip last September and now only got a meeting im bricking it really i dont know what they are going to do to me ask me etc when i go to my docs he stick his finger up my a** etc very painfull and a mans dignity out the window but lets move on so the back pay is going up what they owe me if i get it i just dont like what i have been reading on the net about this that they are turning people away if i could i would be working right now i have for the past meany years any help would be a big help

Thanks Rhys

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Hello Rhys, this will have to be short, Do take all medical evidence with you including a recent persciption slip. just be yourself and don`t panic if fibro fog or any other symptoms make thing difficult.You want them to see how it affects you Take notes with you to remind you of all your smptoms and good luck I am sure others will be giving you extra advice before long.. hugs sue


thank you sue for your reply i will make sure i take them :)


Hi Rhys

I have never had to go to a PIP exam yet but had two for ESA and also went with my husband. You have been given excellent advice. Try and take someone with you if you can and do makes some notes afterwards of the salient points so you have something to refer back to if you have the misfortune to be turned down. If during the examination they want you to move in a way that you know will cause you extreme pain don;t jsut to refuse to do the action but explain why it would be difficult or impossible for you to do it and ask them to note those reasons down. Remember you will probably be filmed on your approach to and from the building and also whilst you are in the building. After my ESA the nurse even noted that I went straight to the toilet afterwards! Good luck for tomorrow we will be thinking about youx


thank you rose like i say im 90% im p***ing in the wind here them s***bags want shooting after what i have been reading on the net on seen on youtube i can tell even when i ring them the way they talk to you thank you for your help x


Hi shiftypowers

Can I please ask you to delete any swearing / offensive words in your post please. Can you place * in between the first and last letters, so they read as such

thank you rose like i say im 90% im p******g in the wind here them s******s want shooting after what i have been reading on the net on seen on youtube i can tell even when i ring them the way they talk to you thank you for your help

I have pasted the FibroActions guidelines below relating to swearing and offensive messages

I thank you for your cooperation on this matter.


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ahh sorry for that and thanks for the slap on the wrists hehe


I've had an ATOS examination for ESA , I don't know if this is done any differently , the good advice I see you have been given is to take someone with you , people may laugh when I say this , do you know a retired or serving police officer , they are very good at remembering and taking notes , if ATOS ask you to do something physical do tell them you cant , the ESA is mainly oral asking you questions and a bit of physical work , if they are asking you questions , after say 5 minutes get up , tell them you are in discomfort sitting for long periods , do not give them any reason to fail you , people have been treated by this firm and government , please don't be another victim like myself .


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