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Symptoms during storm


Hi guys. I just joined tonight and am wondering whether other people had really bad pain during this big storm. I couldn't sleep the other night due to awful pain and my anxiety levels were dreadful.

It's good to be here by the way.

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22buteo22 in reply to Hidden

Same here! My pain levels last evening were sky high. Roll on spring!

Chronic!!! I have written before about my pain levels rising during the bad weather, and I even know we'll be getting rain before it arrives!🤔........ Love and blessings to you all! Ninja .🙏🏾💕💕

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Trikki in reply to Hidden

Hi Zoonie...Yes more pain! I came off Tramadol last year and it is hard, but it is worth it believe me. I realise now they did nothing for my pain level but made me "dopey"...well dopier than normal!!! Keep up the good work and roll on warmer weather.

The b....y weather and temperature are linked to Fibro, the storm almost killed me emotionally and with physical pain. I want to go to a sunny country but the pain is too much to bear 🐻🤓

ninjananna in reply to Painny

I used to think the same thing, but believe me, there's help, every step of the way! I get a taxi to the airport, once there, I'm met with a wheelchair and whisked through all security checks and ploncked in the waiting area to be boarded!!!! (Normally first) At my destination, I'm whisked away again, through passport control and straight through to the taxi rank, where (in Lanzarote) you will be picked up at the front of the queue!!🤭🤭 Give your assistant a couple of Euro, and the taxi will take you to your hotel/apartment. Then it's sun, sea and relaxation for 2 weeks, no stress, warm air and beautiful people! I go twice a year on my own now and do whatever I want!!!!!😎✈🌞🌞⛱ Be brave!!! Love and blessings, Ninja🙏🏾💕💕

Painny in reply to ninjananna

Wow good to hear, you are brave 🙀I usually stick to my local area, I give myself a treat by going to central London and after an hour I come back home, it is the numby legs and back bothering me. Actually thinking about a wheelchair🤔🤔

Just x my mind, can you travel if you get Pip?


ninjananna in reply to Painny

Never asked!! I think the only time "these people" need to know anything, is if you're out of the country over 2 weeks! This horrid illness has taken so much of my life away, I'm not giving in to "not travelling" because of it as well!!🤨 Even if it takes me a couple of days to get over the flight....... lounging on a sunbed in 28° heat is worth it!! BLISS!!!!!!👙🌞🌞

Painny in reply to ninjananna

Thanks, I agree totally, enjoy 😍

Hi Spacebod, my pain has definitely increased with the cold weather. I take Neurotonin (Gabapentin) which normally keeps it somewhat in check but at the moment I feel like someone is trying to push a tennis ball between my shoulder blades and out the other side of my body. It's making me feel winded. I normally have pain in my lower back and hips so this is a new one. What a wonderful and exhilarating condition that we all have - there are new surprises round every corner ;-)

Just keep ☺ xx

This weather makes me feel twenty years older:( hypersensitive to all of it:(

Summer makes me feel twenty years younger:) all rested and calm(mostly)

I hear it will be a hot one this year,bring it on!:))

Yes, my pain levels are always much higher when there's stormy weather. I blame the low pressure - I think it affects my joints. At the moment I've had a headache since the weekend and feel dizzy - that's on top of my usual pains in my arms which seem to have gone up a notch. I wish I had the money to go somewhere warm during the winter!


I can't say whether it was the weather that caused me increased pain.,or the stress of moving house during it. Could be either or both.

I do find damp weather does cause me extra stiffness and pain, but so does the increased workload involved with moving nearly 300 miles! ;)


On a 'banjo' type thermometer.. every 10 minutes equates to 1lbpsq pressure on the body ... all over the body. Imagine putting on a full body corset.. that compresses flesh and organs.

Now magically have it appear and dissappear without warning. That's the effect Storm Clara and Dennis has had on us.

Planes are pressurised for a reason .. to minimise the squeezing on brain heart muscles.. this is why fibro/arthritis etc get bounced in stormy weather.

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