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The mysterious noise in the kitchen

We were clearing out the kitchen drawers yesterday and came across a battery operated potato peeler - one of those gadgets you buy that turn out to be completely useless so we threw it away.

Half an hour later hubby yelled in panic that there was a funny noise in the kitchen. I hurried in thinking it was probably the washing machine having a turn but realised noise was coming from the bin. I collapsed laughing and when I could speak reminded him what he had just put in the bin! He took the batteries out....

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Hi Panda60, that made me to keep your 'eyes peeled' in situations like that....apologies for the pun, could not resist.

Tannels x

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Hehehe love it, and Tannels is so right, keep your eyes peeled for electric gadgets which go off on their own accord hehehehe :D :D

Foggy x


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH thanks for the chuckle Panda I enjoyed that :D

:) xxxsianxxx :)


What a revelation I didn't even know such a thing exited.

I won't tell you what I found our kitchen table draw.

'twas stuff of nightmares and very embarrassing.

Wish someone would take my pain alarm batteries out.

Dream on I suppose.


Got home late one night after a party. only to find myself standing in the kitchen wondering just how much I`d had to drink The bin was moving and twice the lid lifted up, was just about to run for it when a white fluffy face with two green eyes peered out. boy the relief it was only spot my friends cat who had got in through the cat flap. It still took a while for the palpitations to stop. At least it wasn`t one of the evil cats sue


Hi panda60

Thank you so much for sharing this with us all, it really gave me a good giggle

Take care

Ken x


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