Has anyone else found that their fibro improved in the hot dry weather?

I have had a great "holiday" - no I've not been away somewhere exotic, in fact it was staycations for us, to settle in a nervous cat we've adopted. What I mean is - the hot dry weather which we've had a good amount of this summer has meant that my fibro symptoms have been almost non-exisitent since the beginning of July. It has been so good to have a holiday from the discomfort! I've even managed some decorating, which I'd normally suffer very badly from aching and tiredness the next day. I've still felt tired, but not in pain. It was only when we got changes to cooler and more showery weather that they came back. Has any other fibromite found the same?

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  • I find the warm summer has benefited me too. I even got a way for a few days (away from all the stresses) and felt absolutely brilliant even though I must have walked about 20 miles in 4 days :o)

  • Oh how I wish the heat was good for me...find it all too much. I admire Ermintrude 75 walking all that way in four days wow.... well done. I went in to town at the weekend to get my son's school uniform, could only do that, I had to come home.

    Jan x

  • Thanks Janlou. It didnt seem that long at the time.

  • I must say that I find that dry heat helps with my pain levels, but we have had some fairly humid weather down here in Devon and that most certainly doesn't equate to lower pain levels, far from it, it makes things worse. Ah well, you win some you lose some, I'm trying to plot a hot dry holiday in January/February to try and make a break in the ghastliness that is winter for me.

    Wish I could pack you all up and send you somewhere where the climate would help ease your pains and that you could have a really lovely time :-)

    Foggy x

  • I wish I could say that either weather helps me but it doesnt,,but as you say foggy you win some you lose some, gentle hugs to all...Dee x

  • Yes I always feel better when it's warmer, I'm dreading. The winter and the cold weather coming as I feel the cold terribly. What a wonderful summer we've had though :-)

  • Hello. I have really enjoyed the Summer but my Fibro hasn't. I can honestly say I have not felt this much pain, for so long, before.

  • I have had the worst flare up of my life this summer. I thought the warm weather would be great, but I have really suffered. My GP has been lovely in prescribing me more pain killers and trying new ways of taking them, but they don't help. I am experimenting with upping my Ametrypteline at night, which seems to be making a difference, but it has only been a few days, so too early to tell. Has been tough to be in such pain over the summer holidays. I am lucky to have supportive family around me, but it is so frustrating not to be able to do normal things.

  • Hi Janet I find really hot weather makes my Fibro disappear completely in the south Mediterranean as it's basically a dry heat. I regularly manage to make 3 holidays to Crete and Fibro disappears a few hours of landing. Wonderful to have the energy for swimming and hiking!! I am 60 and planning to move to Crete when I have my government pension at 65. And belief me am not returning to the u.k.

    A recent article from the USA Had a map of the world of where Fibro sufferers were located and in the southern Mediterranean there were none!!

  • That is really interesting. Think I will have to look into having family holidays there in the future.

  • Wow, tim, how late in the year does it stay hot in Crete ? As I said I'm longing for a break, but think I may have to go further afield at this time of year, but would be interested to know more about Crete as its not such a long flight. Like many of us I'm sure, I find the constraints of seating on aeroplanes difficult and I have to get up and move around otherwise I either spasm or can't move at the end of it if the flight is very long.

    Foggy x

  • I get really bad heat rashes if I'm in the sun or get sweaty. Just had two weeks in a caravan in Cornwall. Really wish I could live there - sea air improved my asthma & being at the seaside really improves my mood, & whether it was I felt so good just 'cos we were on hols, I managed to go for several long, steep walks - even managed to get on a small boat to St Michael's Mount & walked up to the castle at the top! Took our time, it is such a steep walk. Hubby & kids said they were so proud of me - it inspired me to agree to going to Kynance Cove - beautiful beach, but SUCH a steep walk down & back up the cliffs to it!! Felt exhausted the days after each walk, but it was worth it I think. Just wish I could live there, not in a caravan though - too cramped! But to see the sea on stormy days! Beautiful!! Couldn't face the heat like the rest of my family go to Ibiza - toooo hot, plus, I have to wear a sun hat even on cloudy days or I end up with burnt scalp - not nice!

    Julie63 xxx

    (Wistfully wishing she were in Cornwall!)

  • Hi about 4 hours flight to Crete so book seats with extra leg room.Lowest temperature average in January is 18 C sunshine hours 6. What is so great about Crete (apart from climate and friendly Greek people) is that it has 4 mountain ranges along its width at different heights so in really hot weather you can pick a route to a cooler altitude where the temperature is like nice warm day in say Kent and still no Fibro and wheat is grown in the fields like on an English farm!! Advice given is to rent your house out say for a year and do likewise in Crete ...I love the Chania area the best. For example my 3 bed townhouse is valued at £850 per month and in Crete you can rent out a villa for about 450 euros!! Try before you buy! Tim

  • Cooo Tim, thank you so much, a lot of food for thought, I may be able to finance soemething like that except not sure about my cottage, it is in the most beautiful Devon village but is only two up two down ...... with inglenook and wood burner, brilliant pub 200 metres and a small community run shop 800 metres..... Still not sure the sums would add up, but I can still think about it.

    Foggy x

  • Seems a lovely place to live!

  • It certainly is :-) I'm very lucky :-).

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