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Hi, I am new here today. I do not have fibro, but my partner does.

He takes an array of medication. I support him as much as possible. Though at times, I feel like I let him down, as I try not to get frustrated when he can't do the things he used to do, or just sleeps, as I miss our quality time together, and I am some times scared when I cuddle him, I hurt him. Even though I do not mean too.

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  • I think you sound great, and a big HELLO and WELCOME to the site.

    We are all very sympathetic on here, we rant, we cheer and help each other as best each one of us can.

    Just keep on doing what you are doing your partner will appreciate everything you do as it will be hard for him aswell.

    Hugs Susan xx

  • Hi susanY, thank you for your kind words. I always take each day as it comes the same as my partner does. We as most have good days and bad, and the wet weather effects him greatly. He always knows when rain is due, as he aches like mad.

    We both work and try to live as much a normal life as possible.

    I am looking forward to making new friends, and I am going to suggest to my partner to join too.

    Mindyw x x

  • Welcome Mindyw, your guy sounds like a very lucky man to have someone who tries so much to empathise with him.

    Julie xx

  • Thank you julieevh x x

  • How nice that you are so supportive of your partner, that is really nice to hear that you understand his symptom etc.

    This site is wonderful, i would highly recommend it to anyone with or knows someone who has fibro.

    everyone is lovely and supportive and its a great place to chat, rant and support each other.

    hope you find the questions and blogs as helpful as i have done.


  • Thank you hjones x x

  • Hello mindyw i hope you find the sight supporting as the rest of us do, and yah do encourage your partner to join, I'm pretty new myself 8 days now, but the support and shared advice and just knowing that fibro friends are just there is fab, so welcome and enjoy hugs and smiles xx

  • Thank you tess10 x x

  • Hello and a big welcome to your Mindy! Your love and support for your partner shines through your message! If only all partners understood as you do, there would be so many of our members more able to cope with their Fibromyalgia and other conditions. If I had a hat I would take it off to you! Well done! It must be so frustrating for you to see your partner affected by this awful condition.

    You are most welcome here, we have a wealth of information, look through the questions, blogs and tags too. You will find understanding, support, help, advice and friendship here. We hope we are able to help you any way we can. Anything you are concerned about or if you're unsure about anything, just shout, we're always happy to help.

    Take care, hope you manage to have a good day today. :)

  • Thank you LibertyZ, and so far its been a bad day,as the car died on us, and we are waiting for the out come x x

  • Oh dear, not good. We had that the other week, car came to a grinding halt, fortunately the RAC came out quickly, a lead had come loose and of course hubby was away at the time! It all sorted out, but my stress levels at the time went through the roof not knowing what the matter was. Hope it all sorts out really quickly for you Mindy and that tomorrow is a much better day for you. :)

  • Thank you, and to be honest as much as it is stressful, if it wasn't for the car breaking down, I would of been at work and not found this site, so some good has come out of a bad situation, haha x x

  • That's the spirit, think positive! It's good to have you here with us Mindy! :)

  • Welcome to the family

  • Your a great person who puts someone else before themselves, I Read out your post to my husband he said. Feels the same.your both great people, my husband took on me and my 3 young daughters they were 2,3&5 so yea I think your. Both great people. I may be repeating myself I don't know if my comment went on last time.

  • Welcome to the site, I do not have a partner as now divorced but I am sure your comments will be interesting to those who have as we cannot always see the other persons point of view. Your hubbie is very lucky to have an understanding wife like you x

  • Mindy, have just returned from a much needed break so apologies for the delay but just wanted to say what a lovely person you sound and your partner is very lucky to have someone who is so understanding of his symptoms. I too am very lucky in that way but sometimes i get frustrated by his (hang on, i cant think of the word...fibro fog strikes again lol!).......offers of help to help me to shower...put socks on etc...some days i need him to help me so much and im so grateful for his help but the next day i feel i can manage by myself with a struggle but he still wants to help and i end up snapping at him and then i feel dreadful. I understand it cant be easy living with someone you love with fibro and i am sure that sometimes your husband feels guilty because of the burden on you and then other times he is angry because he isnt the same person he used to be. Its so hard on you both. Please bear in mind that when he is tired and in pain and bad tempered that he isnt angry with you...hes angry with fibro cos it strips you of everything you used to be and that i soul destroying sometimes and i think that sufferers need to grieve for the person that they have lost. Please bear in mind that our lovely family is here for you justr as much as will be for your hubby and if you need a rant of rave then please come on here and let it all out.... much love to you....charlii x

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