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with thanks, but oh for god sake not something else

thanks to all for your thoughts really appreciate them, but I though nothing else could go wrong! got up this morning and the poor dog could hardly walk, was really worried, called my son who took us to vet , the vet gave old Ollie a good check up and said he has arthritis, he now needs medication every day to help with the pain. was so relieved after hour or so he was back to his old self jumping around and barking. the thing that got me the most was not the cost but when my 3 year old granddaughter said, nanny you will bring him back wont you they doctor cant keep him cause I love him. bless her. lets hope this will keep him going for a bit longer. I know hes only a dog but we have had him for 13 years now.

regards and pain free times ronald

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Hello Ronald53, Glad to hear that your dog is okay now, it is always a worry when they become ill as they become one of the family that its sad when anything happens to them. At leat your grand daughter will be happy! Best wishes to you both. Aisha x


Glad to hear your dog is feeling better ... Hmm I think I need to go to your vet and get my arthritis meds from them :)

VG x


He isn't only a dog,he is a dog!Glad he's feeling better!x

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I am so pleased the Vet could help. I have a beloved 16year old dog who is not only going batty,blind but her back legs are no longer working properly. She was a rescue dog and I feel it is only fair to give her a dignified old age. She still roars up the garden after the retreating postman then turn and on her way back bumps into the car before finding the steps to the house. :) Have no fear I will not let her suffer - I promise xgins


Hi there

Sorry about your dog on top of everything else, however,if he is out of pain for the moment at least that`s something. It might be an idea to go to the vet to solve OUR problem`s [ it`s amazing how animals can`t speak, and yet the vet always seems to know what`s wrong with them, ] perhaps they could do more for us, it`s a thought which has occured to me often.

Anyway, take care of both her and you,and take what`s good out of the day as best you can. sending lots of hugs

Lyndia x


Oh bless. The innocence of childhood. I'm with your granddaughter, wish your dog the very best. xx


Good to hear Ollie is back to normal.




Hi ronald. Checked with my vet nurse daughter about your Ollie. She says that with regular medication there's no reason why he won't continue to have a happy life and the arthritis won't shorten it at all. Her little dog has a congenital knee problem that has resulted in arthritis even though he's not that old but you'd never guess it most of the time. She also said that if you can afford it, it's a good idea to get supplements and a specialist veterinary diet for him. If you can afford it, I'd suggest you get the first couple of bags of food from the vet to ensure he's on the right one then source it on the internet. I manage to buy food for our cats at a cheaper price than my daughter can get at cost! Also, if Ollie is insured, you might be able to get physio for him which will help as well. Hope he's OK now x


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