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It's Alive and taking over the world.... Well my world

My OH has been complaining his mobile phone has had it and he needs a new one,I must admit to tuning him out at this point cos I know not of the mystical workings of why any new phone will not do, and why he needs a certain make and model. Though I did agree that taking 2 and a half days to send an email from his phone to me wasn't good. After a morning of sheer torture I give in I will personally give him a lift on my mobility scooter to get to the phone shop. I was lying with the hot pack on the settee taking it easy... My mobile phone rings its my husband , he promptly hangs up, and he does it again and again, when I finally snapped and phoned back no answer or engaged.... Much perplexed I kept trying to reach him. When I did and demanded to know why he was phoning then hanging up.... There was mystified silence.. His phone had beein his coat hanging up at work.... Apparently it has somehow decided to ring up numbers on his contact list when it feels like it.... At the moment it is thrilling us both by giving us its full repertoire of ring tones without any prompting, am trying to persuade my OH to download carols as ringtones to suit the festive season


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hello VG I am so pleased you are better take care love beth x


Thanks Beth though I bet I would have been even better had I not had my OH phone disturbing me...... :)


my mobile phone liked to connect itself to the internet at 1am, when it was switched off, meaning my contract phone bill was £42 instead of the £10 is should have been.

I rang them up and they then accused me of going on the internet in the early hours!! I then spent a good half an hour explaining I have cronic fatigue and fibro why the heck would I even have the energy to connect to the net at 1am every night for a month!!

It's funny that it's stopped doing it now I've switched back to pay as you go .... hmm

To be honest, I barely use mine. I keep it for emergencies and I get cross with these people who are glued to their phone like it's a life support machine. I want to scream "you know you won't die if you put it down and switch it off for an hour" lol

I'm not just wearing my grumpy pants today VG, I've got them pulled up to the armpits and the rest of the suit over the top match :P


What a very becoming suit, you must lend it to gins for her tv debut



what a miraculous phone it can phone every one without you lifting a finger I love it hehe xgins


hii VG the immaculate phone that can contact loved ones whilst hubbys are working lol just to keep you amused and on your toes for a while haha

i atleast thought his come back would be... now does this prove my fone is in need of change as it is playing all by itself it has some sort of illness a 'mobile illness' it can connect anywhere without even using it .

Not sure i can even understand myself lol.

my fone tends to ring contacts on its own and i get frustrated as i think omg it could be customers and i hope i am not singing out loud in the car or chatting about something they would never think would come out of my Angelic mouth lol

one of my girls was in car with me today and the roads have been very challenging and tirering and she heard a few things that shocked her as she sees me as a ' long slim line cigarette (the black ones wiht plastic tips) pmsl sitting in fur in the charlston way hahaahhahaah how hilarious. Sorry VG change there xx

love tto read the regulars posts on here its amusing wiht what we have to go through yet can stil have a bright side xxxxxxx lots of love


Technology just gets better and better lol xxxxx


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