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new here first time blog

new here first time blog

hi there, i was diagnosed with fibro last august, it all started 3yrs ago with having to have a c5/c6 prolapse op,relpacing the disc with titanium and having bulging discs at the bottom of my spine i got middle rate, then when i was diagnosed i reapplied for it and ive been very lucky with the dla, they gave me higher rate. I walk mainly all the time with a walking stick and am in constant pain all the time, down my legs and lower back, shoulders and neck, with mega headaches, neuropathic pains down my arms, my chest bones really hurt. I am so very very forgetful and the fibro fog is just hellish.....i have 6 kids and a partner who has exactly the same neck problems.

we had the same op and for the past year he has been suffering the exact symptoms as i have for this fibro.

has anyone ever come across that? I think it is really spooky that we both have the same pains, same depression, same fibro fog and this was a very articulate and sharp man, who now struggles to remember anything and has such pain that sometimes he needs to bee carried into the toilete by one of our big boys.

They age from 18yrs to the youngest at 4yrs old. We are only 45 and 44, he's not been diagnosed, but im convinced because he is so like me. \my medication consistes of tramodol and codiene, gabapentin and diclafenic. So thats me and i am so very grateful that i have come across this site through facebook so as i can speak to and listen to likeminded people. So for that i thank you all so very much. gerry. xxxx

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hiya thanx for yur warm welcome. speak soon xxx


Hi Gerry and a very big welcome to you.

You certainly have found the right place,we are a very friendly lot on here and you will find that you can rant and rave,ask qustions have a laugh and learn about this rotten thing call fibro.

You will laugh at some of the daft things we do with fibro-fog and maybe be able to help someone else who asks questions or blog.

Strange the ammount of us that have suffered chronic back problems (i do) or have had whip lash,there is deffinately a trigger there somewhere.

It must be hellish for you both and with such a large family to cater for.

I wish you well and look forward to hearing more from you and maybe also your partner.

Gentle hugs Butterfly xxxx


Hi and a very warm welcome s glad you have found the site i am sure you will get so much from it as we all do love to you diddle x


hi there and welcome xxx


Hi Gerry I am new to this Group to This Fibro Demond is not good to us I was told last Nov that I i had it :-( have had the pains for years since about 1996 so I am one of the few Men that have this Fibro my wife supports me as I look after my 91 years young father who lives with us well must go and sort out his breakfast now soft hugs to all ))))) Allan .


Hi gerry,

Welcome from me too. :)

That is so weird that both of you have the exact same things wrong, i hope you can get a dx soon for you partner as it seems much worse when you dont know what is wrong and how to deal with it appropiatly.

I have a friend who i ahve grew up with on the same street and worked at same jobs a few times and we are really good friends still. Well i have fibro, cfs/me and hypermobility and she has the same symtoms as me but is in the middle of being dx with MS.

You are definatly in a good place here and we are always here when you need us.

kel xxx


Hi Kel

thank you for your reply, really strange isn't it, they say if your so in tune with each other that you go through each others pain.....i didnt fully believe it until mow. Im sorry you have your problems but am grateful that you can identify with the strane feeling i get about Will having the same as me, with your friend.

Enjoy your evening best you can.

Gerry xxx


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