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Totally fed up

OMG where do I start. My body has gone mad. Due to my medical assessment deciding that I was fit to return to work I did so and since then every single part of my body has decided to hurt.

It started with a simple pain n my hand, it then moved to my neck, shoulders, knees. I have taken every possible type of painkiller, hot and cold compresses, hold baths and the pain just keeps on. I have never had so much problem with my knees - both at the same time, I could hardly walk, but had to go to work as only started the job 2 weeks before. Went to the Dr who were there usual helpless selves and said it was more than likely Rheumatoid Arthrtis, but the blood tests say its not but that there is some infection, but they do not know what. Then my neck totally froze I could not move it to the left or the right more than a cm. I had to go to the osteo and he said he was amazed my neck was so stiff in such a short time, I have never felt so much pain in my neck and I was in tears after the first session. Now that my neck has started to ease my back has now decided it is its turn and I am in so much pain every breath and step is pain.

Think I am going mad do not know what to do arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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aww chin up

its hard isnt have you appealed against your dessision ?? if not i would , its clearly you are in a lot of pain. gentle hugs to you xxpaula xx


appeal, appeal, appeal!

Also ask to see a consultant.

Are there any foods that make you worse? soda based drinks and salt make me worse - just a thought.

I've mentioned before that I find arnica bath soak and arnica gel help me. I get it from qvc, other places sell it; but with additives that irritate my skin.

I hope you soon feel better. regards, sandra


Thank you x


Appeal - get medical and employer to verify in writing that you have attempted to return to the work place and that has made you very ill and worstened you pre-existing conditions - will your GP write you a sick note so at least you can get that as evidence?

Good luck with all this - you are living proof that this whole business of trying to force the chronically ill into the workplace just does not work.

Take care Julie xx



sorry its not going well xx yes to apeal but look after yourself and good luck

gentle dyslexic hugs


Gemima I do feel for you, you poor thing, it's awful not knowing which way to turn. You need to be signed off sick that's for sure to start with. I expect if you've just started your work you aren't sure of their sick policies, so that would be worth finding out. As you feel worse than you did before your GP needs to be made aware of this and you need further investigations to find out what the problem is. If you don't get any joy with your GP ask for a second opinion, you are entitled to that. Make sure you copy all your sick certficates before you give them to your employer then you've got them as reference regarding dates etc.

Perhaps you could ask your GP for a referral to a Rheumatologist or Neurologist for a consultation, it certainly sounds like you need further investigation. This would also help you in terms of your work because you would have hospital evidence too.

You also could appeal about the decision regarding your medical assessment. There is some info about this if you click on the link below. Also there are some other links to click on when you read the article which will take you through the steps etc.


I hope this is of some help to you Gemima and I really hope things improve for you soon. We all understand here how difficult it can be making yourself heard when you feel so ill, if you are worried about anything at all, we will try out utmost to help you and support you. Take care.


To all of you who sent me a message big thanks.

Unfortunately, I have tried all of the things that you have suggested and have suffered with Fibro for many, many years (I am 60 now). Unfortunately I have Osteo as well and because most of the time I can walk, sit, talk and am not incontinent or a social wreck I am not entitled to benefit - even though I have worked since I was 15. This is the 2nd time I have been forced back to work. The last time I was on crutches and so drugged up could hardly speak, so I knew this time I would not stand a chance. I do not have a permanent employer my last permanent employer sacked me as I took 4 weeks more than agreed for a foot infection and who wants to employ someone who is old and sick lol.

Sometimes its nice just to be able to vent because I am sure most of my nearest and dearest must be fed up with my aches and pains - I know I am. But hey ho life goes on and there are days when it isnt too bad :)


Hi Gemma

Do you mine me asking when your birthday is. I was 60 in May and have a feeling that I read somewhere that Iwould have been left alone if I had been born before 6th April. I really feel for you as I was put in WRAG group but am appealling and just hope that by the time it comes round I'll be about to get my pension.

Good luck!


My birthday was 3 January :(


You poor thing - this is probably going to be my fate very soon as I am awaiting esa assessment , feel for you and yes do appeal hope you have a supportive gp - and yes get consultations in the mean time to back up your evidence - good luck to you and I do hope this government starts listning very soon - we are not scroungers we are sick and ill and trying to cope as best we can with this awful condition. X


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