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So fed up!

I'm so peed off with my body I am not able to do the simplest of tasks most days. My daughter is so understanding bless her but I hate to ask anyone for help. I have always been able to lift heavy things and do all the diy projects around the house and garden, now I can hardly function most days. I'm in pain, weak, and useless and I hate it. To feel so unable to do for myself is taking me to a place I never thought I would ever sink. And anxiety makes me me into a hermit. Sorry for the moaning I just needed to off load. Hugs to you all x

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hello punkypolly

i totally get what you mean, i never married but had a kid, i did all the decorating the gardening the DIY, i have a tool kit any man would give his right arm and leg for. i used to lay carpet, lino, laminate flooring. i could re wire a house, do electronics up to a point, mainly resoldering. i could design wardrobes and other cupboards buy the wood and build them. cooking was never my strong point. but eventually i learnt. but i also did crafts, like knitting, crochet, cross stitch etc. and all that got ripped away. like you i am stubborn and hate asking for help, its alien to me to ask for help. i was always the one who helped everyone else. i totally understand. but through all my illnesses and pain and operations i used one thing. i know this might sound hard, at first i was doom and gloom how dare this be my life, then i used humour, and i became a master at it. i make fun of myself, i laugh at myself, i joke about myself to others even on here. its how i cope. i made it my number one priority to make someone laugh every day. if i dont i failed, so the next day it has to be many people and so on and so forth. it wasnt easy getting here. and i do have dark times and dark days. but even then i come online and try and make soneone laugh. that makes me laugh i always laugh at my own jokes. and it lifts me. they do say laughter is the best medicine.........anyway nothing wrong with offloading and nothing wrong with feeling sorry for yourself etc etc etc. but now you have to make someone laugh ;) lol

big squishy hugs and feel better

woo xx


punkypolly42 , I know exactly how you feel! ! It's like I'm reading my own post.I wish you the best, we just have to do the best we can, right?? Take care. Peck.🐤


Hiya, i know how you feel. My biggest frustration is that i need to lose alot of weight but cant do proper exercise. Im doing the NHS plan but i can only do the food side of it. Fibro is so frustrating!



Hi ,I need to loose a few stone, I trying different things, can I ask you what is the NHS plan , and where did you get it, and is it working , ? good luck with it, I tried slimming world, lost 1/2 st but couldn't loose any more xx

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There's a great forum on HealthUnlocked called Weightloss NHS. If you join that there is a link to the 12 week NHS plan. Plus you get amazing support on the forum- everyone is encouraging and non-judgemental. You can weigh in at home every week and post your weight to get encouragement. The admins are really good and always reply.. The plan is a lifestyle change not a diet do its sustainable and doable. It does encourage exercise but I ignore that bit, although I am going to start gentle yoga.

I really recommend it. You start off calorie counting and can continue, but I've stopped that now and am just aiming for healthy eating.


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Thank you, I will give it a try , I tried Pilates but my joints are to sore , hope it goes well for you


Hi punkypolly42

I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Sorry to hear you are feeling so low.

this is such a frustrating illness and it is easy to feel to robs us of who we are but know that you are not alone in this and there are people here for you who understand.

Wishing you a peaceful day.

Annette xx

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Yes it is very difficult when you have formally been so independant to have to ask others to help. I will do everything I can not to ask but I am realising lately that trying to manage without help actually makes me more likely to have a flare so I am having to swallow my pride. Like Hidden I often end up laughing at myself.

Don't apologise for having a moan better out than in. Take care of yourself.x


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