I read a post recently on here from a poor lady who likened her itching to Ants under her skin...I'm feeling exactly the same and it's driving me crazy.

It usually happens through the night which stops me sleeping.

y back scratcher is really coming into its own.

There are no spots, bumps or rashes and at this moment my knee itches, and my elbow, now my face and then , well need I go on...

Just having a rant - I HATE FIBROMYALGIA!!!!!!!!!

I have just come back from a long weekend away with my man and the sun was shining and I couldn't have been more chilled, but last night I had very little sleep, and am so very tired.

Good job Mr Grey kept me company the kinky man

Hugs to you all


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  • A similar thing happened to me about 18 months ago well before fibro had even be mentioned as what was wrong with me. Is started off very itchy through the day which developed into hive like patches which were white and bumpy then a red blotchy rash. I ended up in hospital being pumped with all sorts. not to put the fear of god into you but i got so bad my throat began to close up. although im sure this is a rare thing to happen just wanted to warn you so you can be aware if you start feeling funny.


  • Sounds like you were having an allergic reaction to something and going into anaphlactic shock!! That wouldn't have been Fibro related ..... I went through a load of these 17 years ago ... I suddenly developed allergies to carrots, fish and seafood and had to find out the hard way!!

    Julie xx

  • thats what they thought at first but due to the amoutn of adrenaline and steroids i had pumped into me i would have stopped any reaction that was happening and it didnt, the swelling and rash just went to other areas of my body so they thought i had an auto immune problem but that all came back clear so i was left with a question mark above me really! fast forward to know and the fibro and my gp is certain it was related somehow he just cant work out how!


  • im always itching espsially my little toe on my left foot nothing there just itchy mostly at nite crazy xxx

  • Hi could I suggest you try using pirition anti-histermin as it stops itching from inside out, was perfect solution when my lads had chicken pocks xx

  • In the few weeks since getting fibro I am beginign to realise if I get a Fibro-pain I have to treat it like a damage-pain until it clears up, eg tubigrip on my ankle, knee and/or wrist.

    On the basis of my very little experience I would say treat it as if there was a genuine problem ie anti-histamine and lacto-calomine, and the itching will probably get bored and go away. Can't do any harm anyway!

    Julie xx

  • Hi i too have got ants for want of a better word all at the bottom of my legs i have to stop myself from scratching or i will end up with awful mess on them it is awful isnt it that fibro is a nasty bit of work he gives usso manty symptons but we all look ok so people dont get it do they ???

    oh well if Mr Grey was with you i am sure that took your mind of it for sure ihad aleready finshed with mr grey when mine started to itch lol

    he will def keep your mind on other things lol

    love diddle xxxxx

  • Thanks my fibro friends for all for your comments,

    I was so exhausted last night after no sleep night before so ran a bath with Epsom Salts and lavender oil and slathered myself with moisturiser.

    I was asleep in no time, but still awoke a few times to have a scratch!

    It feels like I have sunburn when it starts itching but there is nothing to see...oh well - hopefully it will go away if I ignore it. only problem is what is going to be my next symptom?????

    Love Ren Robin xxxx

  • I too suffer with itching. My back- most dificult area to get to, even with a back scratcher!! and the back of my neck just at my hair line! Sure people must think I have NITS. Re back. There seems to be nothing to make it itch, no rashes or bumps and have changed bras, washing powder, you name it I have tried it, BUT STILL I ITCH!! Started about year ago and some days bit better than others. Can't even think its my medication as I have regularly had to change them. XX

  • I am sitting here looking at all the posts and have not stopped gently scratching. I say gently because I don't want to scar myself......

    I's like target practice - it moves around all over.

    Last night in my bath I used a loofer all over my body and it was heaven - it is obviously a symptom of never leaves us for one moment and rears its ugly head in whatever way it wants to cause pain and misery!

    The only good thing is that we are not alone with this, it's so good to speak to a fellow suffer, thank you,

    Hugs Ren

  • Awk God love you. I remember putting a post on a while back about ant like feeling unxer my skin makin me itch all over. I could'nt get comfy or sleep at all. I started taking Periton antihisamine & it seems to have stopped it touch wood lol. I am now also on Amytriptaline which helps me sleep. Sometimes the over the counter things are a help. Give the Periton a try as there is something in it which makes you drowsy & may help with the sleep.

    Luv & Hugs


  • I too get terrible itching on my arms legs & back mostly. There is no redness or marks on my skin, that is until it gets unbearable & I attack it with my hairbrush!!!

    I've got antihistamines from the Dr which don't stop it. She even tested me for scabies last year as she was mystified what it was. Should have guessed it was yet another Fibro symptom!

    Gentle hugs, & heavenly scratches!!!!

  • Morning theshadow,

    For 2 days I have been driven crazy with itching, now it has gone - into thin air thank goodness....on the down side what is going to hit me instead???

    Thank you to all you lovely fibro friends who commented......xxxx

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