My mum the naughty girl

Was feeling really bad yesterday and my mum who stays with me (shes90) stayed up in her room in bed.i took her dinner up last night and when I went back up thought she looked guilty age had emptied her dinner into a pack of her incontinence pads I managed to salvage the pads and left her to watch tv when I went back upstairs she had scattered the pads all over the floor by this time I was shattered and really frustrated decided to go to bed at the end of the day no matter how hard it's getting for us she's still my wee mum and I'm lucky to have her :-) xxx

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  • bless you and hugs x

  • This must be so hards deepest thoughts are with you sue xxx

  • So hard caring for elderly relatives but even more so when you are not well yourself. Take care, love Angela x

  • its so wonderful to see a duaghter so fond of her mom it makesme feel allweepy.... hugz petal

  • Thanks for all your kind thoughts girls hugs :-) xxx

  • awww hugs xx

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