Blue Badge...Does everyone that applies have to have a medical?

The main reason I have applied for one is I have trouble getting in and out of my car, I have to open the door wide and swing both legs around to put both feet on the floor and help myself to my feet using the door. When I park in an ordinary parking space I dont have the room to do this and really struggle and cause myself a lot of pain. Will this be taken into consideration with the blue badge people or is it ONLY for walking difficulties?

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  • I've only had my BB about 2 months, I didnt have a medical and its dated to 2015. I can walk but I have pain all the time, this is what I emphasized on my application.

    Jax x

  • How do i apply to get a blue badge and does my GP need to fill anything out?

  • I applied on line and then sent supporting documents via post :-)

  • i asked my gp , and shes really good, if she would be willing to to put in writing the reasons why i needed one, i filled my form in and sent it of , they did not write or ring her, i was having trouble in walking and kept loosing my balance and falling over, and i would not go out as it was embarrassing, i got mine around 6 weeks ago, suex

  • I dont understand this. My 80 year old mother was refused one as she managed to walk upstairs after a rest!..... yes they made her do that. She has problems with her breathing (COPD). As if an 80 year old would abuse one.

  • It is a postcode lottery, but I believe in my area you get one if you receive DLA. If you have applied for DLA and been refused then you get one for 6 months. As I get DLA my GP did not need to do anything. The DLA were more interested in their assessments then anything my GP or specialist wrote.

    My mother has had a blue badge for years but as she does not drive was really to help my father. Since a leg operation that went wrong he now has one in his own right without any hassle but he is 86.

  • I think medicals are new now for Blue Badge. Was told it's because people were abusing them!! Have just been granted mine as I have blogged earlier last week. Interesting about your poor Mum jamarcat. I was told by the assessor that they don't do the walking up and down stairs bit now for health & safety reasons! No not the H & S of the claimant but of the assessors!!!! One such fell on the stairs when she was assessing someone and hurt her ankle!!!! One less thing to be judged on. In my area anyway. X

  • Sending you this link which contains a discussion about the blue badge medical - hope it helps. :)


  • I got my blue badge because I got higher rate of Mobility and that they said meant I was intitled. The just wanted to see a copy of the higher rate letter.

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