Blue badge medical!

I went for my Blue Badge medical yesterday. I must say I am not very hopeful of being given one. The Physiotherapist doing the assesment said I was not the 'normal!!!!' applicant. They mainly deal with the 'lower body' where as I need help because of my neck, shoulders and arms. I desperately need to be able to park in the larger bays reserved rightly for disabled persons. I have Cervical Spondulosis, on going problems following Whiplash and Fibro is particularly distructive with my shoulders, elbows and I have carpal Tunnel in both wrists now! So it is very dificult for me to turn very far round when reversing my car in or out of parking places. Also getting in and out of the car when someone has parked so tight up against you, that you need to be a 'stickinsect' or proficient in Limbo dancing! to manouver out of the small gap left.

However, I have to say that the person assessing me, was lovely and asked every question she could to make my lower half seem as bad as the top! Even taking me for a stroll arround the grounds to asses my walking and noted on the 2nd lap that she thought I was grimacing in pain!

Where I live, Blue Badge holders have to pay normal parking charges, if they get no other disability benefit. Which I dont.But as I kept trying to impress upon the assessor, it is the wider bays I want/ need. Have to wait up to 2 weeks to see if I will be sucsessful. It will make such a difference to me as to where I can go as unless I know I can park in a place that will be easy to get in and out I won't go now. The shame of getting stuck in the B & Q carpark still haunts me!! Some kind little man helped me reverse out eventually! X

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  • i'm sure parking bays are getting smaller! I did not know about the blue badge medical. I have had mine for a long time, will I need to have a medical before I get another badge then? xx

  • It will be need that sure you will get it.

    Try not to worry you cant change or do anything else now.

    But wait .just hope i guess.

    You do need one though fingers crossed.

  • Medicals are new apparently gypsycrafter. Local councils just used to hand them out if you had a Drs. confirmation of a disability. Several people have abused that priviledge sadly! You are supposed to hand them back if your condition improves and you no longer need them. I think if you have got one, then it will possibly just be renewed every 3 years. Or you may need to prove you still need it. All a minefield to me. I read on here how so many of you struggle for any kind of benefit. Will keep you posted and if I get my badge I will be extremely appreciative of it and thankful to my very 'humane' assessor! X

  • Hi usually you only need a medical if you don't get the higher rates of DLA, if you have that you get it automatically.


  • p.s. and its valid for the length of time that the DLA has been awarded.


  • According to my paperwork, I have DLA 'FOR LIFE' (that's a laugh with all the controversy at the moment)!! But every 3 years I have to fill in a form to say nothing has changed, I do have top rate of mobility.

    Suejayjay, I don have difficulty walking, being in pain all the time, and particularly my knee a tendency to give way without any warning, and severe pain, but I have a lot of upper body problems, I appreciate your reasons for needing the badge, and I sincerely hope you succeed.

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