GUTTED!!!!!!! I have been refused a blue badge

What a joke .I am so upset now.The stress of waiting for the medical ,going to the medical,collecting evidence,ie rhumey letter ,doc's letter,prescription copies of medication,filling out forms really did have an adverse affect upon me.The medical itself was truly awful as stated in previous blog all to get refused and the walk itself put in bed for days afterwards i am so so upset ,can't write as my eyes are overflowing

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  • Hi it is upsetting and can be traumatic but they are clamping down on the issue of badges outside of high rate mobility component now - good in one way bad in another. Have you applied for DLA?

  • hi i am not on high dla only low carer i got my blue badge within four weeks. sent all my reports from hospital and xray reports etc. x maybe try again. x

  • Hi Rosylyn,Thank you so much for that lovely story of success.I did send in letter from rhumey doc and my own doc and list of medication and described my other conditions including fibro, deafness,ibs,policeman's foot, osteoarthritis ,rynaurds syndrome i did not think to send in x rays that i have had on back,hips pelvis and shoulder which all show clearly the oa..As yet i have not applied for dla but i am now going to just to see how i fair lol .i will of course post any results on here xx i am glad you were successful good luck to you and so sorry for lateness of reply i thought i had already sent this,x

  • Hi Rosylyn,I just want to say a very big thank you i followed your advice on getting my x ray reports as i was going to go the distance with appealing the decision as it turned out i did not need to take it that far but the moral of this story is to say i was astounded at my pelvic region and hip bones reports from scan as it clearly states that i have higher than average levels of arthritis for someone of my age.When i had x rays done back in April this year and rang docs for result all the receptionist told me that it was arthritis ,no doctor has ever told me what was actually written nor even mention it to me or advise any medication so i am truly grateful for your suggestion even if i am totally annoyed at the lack of information from my doctors xx.

  • Hi ,no i have not applied for any form of dla at the moment i am just like a ping pong ball trying to find a slot where i fit in as the world has changed dramatically for me and no relief from pain and humiliation regarding leaving self employment and joining the world of esa all new to me and has been unpleasant to say the least.I am totally fed up of being judged and defined by medical issues which have effectively reduced my life and i am now less than half of who i was.Sorry sorry i am tired and grumpy today i do not mean to moan and sound self pitying but i am so down today xx

  • So sorry, they are getting tougher but I thought you had to be on some form of dla to get a blue badge... Though I might well be wrong... Try for dla I only get lower rate care but a least is something

    Hugs VGx

  • Hi,Vg,No anyone with mobility problems can apply if you get high rate dla then you are automatically entitled to blue badge but its tougher than i would ever have imagined.I will appeal decision as the walk laid me up for a week just to prove i have problems walking and yes i think i will apply for dla as this whole situation has robbed me of my personality my memory my ability to learn and generally function and its really hard to go from being a physically active happy outgoing person to this half person who is confused and in pain daily and i am very angry at being judged then refused when i ask for any form of help with trying to reclaim a little independence like applying for blue badge would have made any outing much easier for me. XX

  • ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((jolow))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Don't give up and if you have a Disability Advice Centre then get in touch with them too as they are always very good with all these things. You can ring your local town hall to find out the number.

    So sorry you are having such a rough time and don't ever feel you are "moaning". You have every right to put down how you feel and the beauty of this forum is you can do that without being judged!

    I was diagnosed with Fibro 4 years ago and had to give up my teaching career which I loved. It took me a long while to get used to not being able to do things without getting really tired. I already had other pre existing conditions like osteoarthritis and I had always fought against them knowing that one day I wouldn't be able to do all the things I wanted cos my body wasn't going to let me. You are quite right to want to reclaim "a little independence" and don't you give up on that.

    Take good care and let us know how you get on.

    E x :)

  • Thank you so much enazena for you thoughtful comments and advice and i am sorry to hear that we are rowing the same boat battling against the tide of life and what it throws at us.Yes i have been very down this past week as pain level has shot up and i am grumpy but try to keep my happy face on for my son ,once he's in school well that's another matter lol.I just don't know me anymore i find it infuriating and everything takes so long to complete now when i am used to being a whirlwind.As i am single another fibro effect i find life difficult keeping up with my son ,appointments ect as feel overwhelmed mostly but i am grateful for my youngest child as i focus on him to keep me going.My other children are 17/20/21 so they are able to manage what i cannot ie shopping and cleaning house..Sorry i am rambling on and on and on lol and i will post result of appeal if ever i get the refusal letter that is. xx

  • Never ever say you are sorry for the way you feel. It is the only way for us at times to pour our hearts out. I can understand how all this must be for you. I had a good job in the entertainments industry with good prospects after being promoted within my forst three weeks there. I was only 25-26 at the time. The fibro forced me out of that job and inot the world of benefits so most of us know exactly how you are feeling. This site is sucha great place to be when you are feeling low and we do our level best to offer supposrt and cheer you up. Never give up and I would serioulsy consider applying for DLA, but get a Welfare rights officer or CAB to help you fill it in. They have ways of wording things that we would not even think of. Plus they have the real descriptors not the plain questions they put in the forms to catch us out xxxxx

  • Hi Ozzygirl,Sorry for saying sorry lol and thank you for taking the time to write and you are right that this site is a welcome relief to air our views without being shot down and the support has being enormous so thank you to everyone on here who has offered me help,advice or good wishes it truly has helped.I will apply for dla just to see how i fair on that and i will also follow your advice with filling in forms many thanks for that.I am also sorry that you have had a rough time too xx

  • Don't forget to let us know how you get on jolow and any advice you need then just ask.

    We will all be keeping everything crossed for you.

    Biggest hugs

    E x :)

  • Hi Enazena,I rang the council again to say that i still after 15 days not received the refusal letter as i wish to appeal the decision and i quickly stated why.I also asked for a copy of examiners report which i was told i could have.Later this afternoon i had a phone call from same lady that i had spoken to earlier to tell me that i have to request a copy of report in writing.I told her that i was at the moment compiling a letter of complaint about the experience i had and she said i was within my right to do so as she was not happy with the little information i had given of my experience and would look into the matter herself.I then sent a recorded copy of request of medical exam and letter of complaint at the same time.Thank you for giving me the will to battle everyone and i will keep you posted on any futher developments fingers crossed opps scratch that it's too painful sorry just a payer instead or a good wish whatever works xxx to all you have been great.A million soft hugs ,

  • P.s i forgot i also rang dwp to ask for dla forms x 7 to 10 days i'm told but at least it's a start xx

  • sending you huge hugs, sweetie. I know just how you feel x

  • Thank you sammicat and sorrry to hear that you feel as i do so i guess im not so unique lol

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