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I have applied for Blue Badge no turning back

Thats it done and how good i feel!! I struggle so muchly strengths in my arms and 10 mins of been on feet and doing anything feel i need support!

Sick of concentrating too hard and focusing too much.

After my visit with Brain specialist and what conversation went on i just thought.. Thats it had enough now... How would i feel if my legs gave on me in supermarket or shops?!?!?

I felt like returning the question!! Society today not everyone looks and helps! I laugh my issues off but seriously i just live in a dream world because i think wake up tomoro and all be gone x

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Hi fairycazzie Hope you get your blue badge good luck. I sometimes wounder if its all in my mind or am i dreaming but then hubby tells me no this is you now Oh well we can but dream. take care soft hugs Marg xx


Good luck hun on getting your blue badge. I hope you are successful.



Thank you kialaya, no one wants a disability but i feel this is what help i need really just a little support am not claiming for any benefits or carers allowance even though brain specialist asked if my hubby was?!? I only do driving about and very very light chores as its a strain now booo. Hate admitting to it aswell it pains me lol xxx


Hia scrumie! :-)

Ohh been going on 2 yrs but had not what i xall disability trouble summer 2010 as it was certain parts issues, but it has progressed since neck going 3 times in 2011 and nerve compression but being diagnosed with bhms too combining the 2 can be disabling at times to where i stay home! My arms and hands are v weak i find doing house chores hard wrk too now. On disability i wanted to put both left leg and arms but you can do one or other so chose arms and added info on leg extra as i give from my waist unpredictably. Xx i know ppl who can do so much more than i can and have a badge so why should i not have one i no longer do physical side of my job and its cost me to pay for help as self employed. Xx


Hi fairycazzie I do so hope that you are successful. x x x


Thank you soul suzie it really helps x

Fingers crossed .

I must warn my GP though as not sure that is what i should do x


Hi fairycazzie

I've had by blue badge over 3 yrs. I cried when it came, sorrow that I needed it & had "given in". That soon passed! No more driving round town looking for a spot to park, reversing in then realising I was too far from the shops & having to drive round again!

It has given me such freedom! I can now park outside restarunts, next to entrance of shops, near the cinema etc. Good luck in getting yours. Xx



I have just applied for a blue badge too,got turned down for DLA but i am appealing against their decision,my Gp is furious i didn't get it.I am not the most patient person but will have to be for now.Hope your successful with your application.

Carol :)


Hi fairycazzie hope you get your blue badge it's about time social services did something to help

Us :-) xx


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