How long does getting a blue badge take?

Hi,I applied for a blue badge on 15 /8/12 .I live in Birmingham west midlands.I sent application in with a letter from doctor which cost £20 for three lines also copy of prescription along with forms.I do not get dla so it's not automatic entitlement.I got sent a e mail from council on the 21st to say they had received forms and processing the application then i got another email on 31st a copy of first mail.In the meantime i have rang blue badge team at council office daily to be put on hold every time even at 9am for up to 10minutes at a time still no answer.I then e mailed council to ask how long the process takes and explained that i cannot contact the office via phone as i cannot get any answer only put on hold.I then get another mail saying thank you for your complaint and we have forwarded your mail to blue badge team who have 10 days to respond?I tried phoning again yesterday at 9 am again at 9.30 same message and again twice today same message grrr so frustrating all i wish to know is how long it takes and am i being considered for blue badge.My son starts school next Tuesday and i cannot walk there so i have to drive and it's so busy i will be very lucky to get a space anywhere near which im worried about as i will have to either go earlier and wait or be late if i can't park close to school as my son can walk faster than me.It's very frustrating,i hardly go out due to walking issues and only applied for badge for school purposes as i have to go there it's unavoidable.Its the 7th of September today and i still have not heard anything .Has anyone else had this experience or similar if so any help or advice would be great.Thanks x jo

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  • I believe all Blue Badges are now coming from a central issuing centre, I live in Scotland but badge came from "Down South" a few days ago. My renewal took almost 8 weeks during which time it ran out, so I stuck the receipt for the renewal along side it in the window. I was informed at the time of putting in the forms that there was a backlog & it would be at least 6 weeks.

  • Hi Jo I know its frustating but it can take up to 8 weeks, if I remember I got mine after 7 weeks good luck hugs and smiles xx

  • They actually give up to 12 weeks as an estimate..... I waited for 11 for my renewal.

  • Thanks lima,tess and sparky for your answers.If i had of known it took so long i would have applied sooner but never mind hopefully i will get one eventually but i will have to be interviewed first i'm told lovely am not looking forward to that but fingers crossed oh second thoughts don't it hurts lol x

  • Hi Everyone, I have to say here in east lancashire i went in person to my medical center with some ID ie a current house bill etc and they took my photo and scanned my ID and i got my renewed blue badge, in 5 days no probs at all.

  • Hi there, I live in Leeds and applied for a blue badge last year, it took them 6 months and then I was invited for a medical. It was decided at the medical that I did not qualify, the decision was made straight away with a right to appeal. That was when you had to apply to the local authority. Now the process is centralised and costs £10 if successful. I applied again 2 weeks ago and I have booked a medical at the beginning of October. If I pay £10 before the medical I will have the blue badge in my hand after 5 days. I don't get DLA at the moment but I have applied for that too so wish me luck;-) Hugs.xxxxxx

  • Hi all. I've had my blue badge for 17 years. At the time i only had to wait a couple of weeks but so much has changed over the years. My renewal usually takes about 3 weeks. Hope you don't have to wait too much longer Jolow. By the way i live few miles out of Newcastle. x

  • Ive applied for a Blue badge but I dont think Ive a cat in hells chance of getting it. I was told everyone hsa to have a medical now and they are really tightening up the criteria now because..............."THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH DISABLED PARKING PLACES TO MEET THE DEMAND" have you ever heard anything like it lol Good luck with getting yours x

  • Thanks to all who answered and gave your stories.I have since rang my sons's new school to find out that there is no disabled parking within the school grounds unless it's for a child as they do have disabled children attend.I have also finally got a reply from phoning blue badge team after 17minutes on hold i was determined to get an answer on Thursday even if it took an hour on my mobile.I was told that my medical appointment is on September 27 and i should have had a letter from the center where medical will be held but no letter as yet but a step in the right direction at least i know it's being dealt with.I will let you all know how i get on even though i am already nervous about attending to be judged again but i would love not to worry about parking close to where i wish to go without fear of parking limits and walking so i will attend fingers crossed all will go well. xx

  • Kasha, I applied for a blue badge in Newcastle Tyne and Wear, and was rejected on the grounds I can walk more than 50 meters!!! I think every council are different, Its not the walking 50 meters its when if your 50 meters away from the supermarket entrance, what do you do when you get there?? not that I go to the supermarket anymore x

  • Hi,I am sorry to hear that and as far as i am aware the distance has been reduced from 100 meters to 80.Saying that i put 20 to 30 on mine as i have not walked further than that in about a year as i just can't without feeling exhausted and in great pain.I have yet to go for physical exam by an occupational therapist before i get awarded or refused.If i get refused i will appeal and that's my opinion on what you should do?If you wish to know exactly how many steps you take without pain then i suggest you get a step counter and time how long it takes also,sounds drastic i know but if it helps then its worth the measures (no pun intended lol) taken.Appeal with new information and best of luck xx

  • Hi all, i'm new on here. I had a blue badge for a few years but it ended the end of August, I had no trouble in getting the first one then I just went to my Dr and she signed a form and that was it, this time I had a form pages long, and as I am not on disability allowance I had to have , a consultant/specialist to confirm my illness which I cannot have as I am only seen by my GP now, and a professional person to say it's really me!!! Who do you ask? lol all the ones I could ask like teachers/police etc are all retired which does'nt count, so in the end I did'nt bother it was too much hassle, maybe I will try again if I get worse. This is probably what they want, to put people off applying!! I don't understand though if you receive DA you don't have to do all this stuff.

  • Hi Jessam,It is only the higher rate of DLA that gets automatic renewal or no medical when you first apply i assume it's because your disability is already proven to be getting DLA.I would say that you should reapply as you had a b.b in the past so it's reasonable to assume that you have same problems ,you can reapply online or get forms sent out via local council who deal with b.b.I sent my rheumy letter and also one from doctor explaining my mobility issues and copy of prescription which was requested also im am on Esa but still have to be reassessed for b.b which is on the 27 of this month.I will post result or lack of on here but i will appeal if i get turned down as i feel strongly that i should be able to go out rather than stay within my home and at least i'd get some form of exercise as i do not do any as it makes all my joints worse so dry land exercise is a no no set to have hydrotherapy later this month so i am hoping it helps.Good luck with reapplying it can't hurt to try can it? xx

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