I'd like a blue badge

Hi everyone, it's been on my mind a lot so here goes, I'd like a blue badge but feel quite daunted at the process and even like a fraud, I can't walk to far with out being in pain, just bought myself a rather lovely walking stick by the way! currently got a bad foot at mo out of the blue, fibroymialga I guess, anyway I have a nearly 4 yr old too and it's such a task to be any where, I do push myself but I know and feel it would make outings soooo much easier , and one less thing to worry about, I try to make tasks as easiest as I can, you thoughts would appreciated, I really feel I'd be laughed at which I know isn't true as I have amazing doc who'll back me

Thanks all much love Nicki x

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  • Apply apply apply, the worst that can happen is they refuse but always worth trying. I got refused a few times then got it eventually. Get your doctor to back you up.

  • Thank you for your reply it helps to hear others story,

    Kind regards Nicki x

  • Apply for defo as devonlady said they can only say no, you apply through your local council and yet again treat the form as your worst possible day, annoying the things we have to do. i have had mine for almost two years and it really does make my life so much easier good luck xx

  • Thank you Tess I will look in to it through my local council, and get back up letters from docs and consultant, take care and glad it helps you so much any thing to make life a little easier eh

    Nicki xxx

  • go for it , i got one , just filled in the form and asked the doctor if she would also write if they asked and she said yes, i use a walking stick and i stayed in and never went out because of the walking , now i can park closer to were i have to be and its so much easyer, give it a try , sue x

  • Thank you. Nicki x

  • go for it! there is a form on it for your gp to fill in. If you are in pain before and whilst you walk then you cannot walk 50 yds - not as my friend put "Yes I can, but it always hurts" they ignore everything after yes.regards, sandra

  • Thank you

    Nicki x

  • Just do it lol

  • I've just posted a blog I've submitted my request on line tonight for blue badge!!!!!

    Kind regards Nicki xxxx

  • Go for it, the best thing I ever did. Good luck x

  • I applied on line for mine. Didn't need a Drs. letter but did have to have a medical assesment. Was convinced I hadn't been sucsessful as it is my arms, back & neck that are my worst problem and turning to park etc. Assessor said I was a bit unusual as they are more used to dealing with the lower half and the questions are biased towards that. But she was lovely. I don't know what she said but within 3 days of my assesment I heard I had been given Blue Badge and mine arrived today! As others have said. Worst that can happen is you get turned down THIS TIME!. But if you dont ask you don't get. Good luck. XX

  • Nice one fingers crossed x

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