Does anyone have really bad pain to side of feet or swelling ?

My left foot is so painful i can hardly stand it or on it .This is a new feature for me so i have no idea if it's connected to fibro but i don't recall having hurt it and i don't walk anywhere really except to car so i can't think of any other explanation? Both feet expand slightly and ankles look swollen at times.I am not overweight (ok maybe a little lol) i am a size 10/12.

Any idea's anyone

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  • Hi Jolow. When I first started with Fibro (but didnt know at the time it was Fibro) it started in my lower back first, Docs were treating me for back trouble. Then it went to the heals of my feet, the pain when I put my weight on the base of my feet is horrendous, so painful. Told Docs and they said `well we dont know what that is`. But now we all know it was Fibro. And yes my ankles swell too. My feet feel like I have an express train running through them at 500miles an hour, and being battered with a baseball bat! My size is 10. So hope this helps? Gentle Hugs Ann x

  • Get it checked out - swelling is not a symptom of Fibro.

    There is a condition called Plantar Faciitis that affects the feet. Could it be that?

  • I ws seeing a podiatrist for 2 years regarding pain in my feet - mostly right foot, in toes, ball of foot and along outer side of right foot. Podiatrist said it was metatarsalgia. X Rays and Ultrasound showed nothing abnormal. All he could do was make orthtic insoles which did not work at all, so in the end discharged me as he said he could only treat something which actually existed, and with my tests being clear he could do no more. Only diagnosed as having Fibro a few months ago, but when I asked doc if the foot pain was related she said it is more than likely

  • hi, i have no other conditions than fibro and my doc says the swelling and pain i get in my hands and feet is all connected to the fibro. my feet swell lots and it hurts to move them, best reason i can think of for a day with feet up in front of tv lol!!!! (only its not so fun i know hun).

  • I am relieved that I am not the only one to get this. The feet up in front of tv can bring some relief but in my case it does not always work (which is sad!). Am I the only one who finds the need to have more than one size of shoe, one for morning and no swelling and one for afternoon and quite a bit of swelling? Of course being fibro this only happens on some days.

  • Hi I have plantar facilities and that is more the undernieth of your foot not the side. Saying that I also have pains and they can be very bad shooting pains in the side of my feet mainly my left and my Dr has told me that's my fibro hope this helps. Hilly xx

  • Thanks to all for you comments ,help and advice xx

  • Hi there i suffer with fybro in my ankles and the only thing that eases them is soaking them in quite warm/hot water, hope this helps! xx

  • i have the same problem,seem like stabbing pain comes and goes. when i ame on my feet for long periods of time it get worse, is this the kind of pain you have.

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