I seem to have knots in my back! Does anyone else?

I have had a knot between my right shoulder blade and spine for years. When pressed gently I hit the roof and the pain goes on for ages. I think this is one of my trigger points, but now I think I'm getting one on the left and both kick off when I'm sitting for a while.

This morning my husband gently and lightly moved a massage roller over the area, which felt lovely, but I could only manage one pass. If this keeps up I will have to see the doctor but what can he do?

It's not shoulder strain from wheeling myself in my wheelchair as I haven't been doing that for a week, unless its that deferred pain? Whatever that is!


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  • Hi Sara Jane I get the same thing , it's so bad it makes me vomit if I touch it. I use a tennis ball , which I lay on , on the floor, try some deep breathing when you do it, unfortunately , just another fibro pain but it is very common xx lots of soft hugs

  • I seem to only get that in my leg muscles. Not fun for you.



  • Ow, I don't think I could stand a tennis ball, but I get your meaning, I would be in full control. I do have one so maybe I'll be brave! Thanks.

    Soft hugs

  • I've just recovered from this....the pain was excruciating and I could hardly move my left arm. It seemed to affect the left side of my throat too!!! XX

  • I've had them for years.well before being diagnosed with Fibro, back then they just put it down to being lopsided coz of dodgy hips before i moved i found an excellent physio at the then, local hospital who would massage them for me, boy, was it painful, but she also showed my husband how to massage the sides if my spine but circumstances changed cant remember what happened but i stopped having my spine massaged, i think it was going into hospital to have my hip replaced and couldn't get comfortable enough to ever do it again.

    sometimes ultrasound can help. it didn't me as the damage had been done far too long ago.

    hope you can get some relief as i know how painful it is.

    it soes get rid of it but f you can get to a hydrotherapy pool where the water is warm, just laying on your back on the water relaxing can help xx (((hug)))

  • Hi I have exactly that and I do think it is close to, if not one of the trigger points. I would definitely mention it to your doctor just so that he can rule out anything structural, if it is he could refer you to an osteopath perhaps. If someone/something touches my spots, on both sides of the spine, it sends burning pain right up to the top of my head and can leave me feeling sick and dizzy .

    Sarah-Jane I think you may mean "referred pain" which is pain that comes from one part, say your shoulder, and then goes down into your arm and hand. Hope that helps a bit and I hope you feel better very soon.

    Fogy x

  • Thank you everyone. I'm off to see the doc today. I hope I remember to tell him. He's new to me as mine retired. Seems to be a man of few words. Not happy last sick note said 'sore knee'. I suspect he's a non believer. He's not a young man.I hope I'm wrong.

  • I have a new GP as mine retired. Not sure she is a believer. My old one was I asked my new one out right what her stand on Fibromyalgia was and she replied " well I believe my patients when they say they are in pain" Not sure quite what to make of that.

    Good like with your appointment.



  • Hi all, I'm Belinda and have had Fibro probably most of my life , only diagnosed 3 yrs ago.. Taking 8 x tramadol, Cymbalta, amatrrptyline, and clonazepan and still excruciating pain.

    I read about something called Myofascial Release being good for Fibro.. I too could shoot through the ceiling if anyone touched my point in my back, I have found a lady called Emma, she is a physio, but also holistic and dies Myofascial release, I have been to her twice, an hour each, it bloody hurts , but if u can't stand the pain she will be as hard or gentle as u allow.. She said my back was like a concrete slab, and full of deep knots that have taken years to form.

    After 2 x 1 hr sessions it has made a massive difference for me. I am gonna keep on going. I've cut my tramadol in half already... She's my saviour, thank god I found her. She is based at Lymm leisure centre near Altrincham. She's worth a try, and totally sympathetic, and a firm believer in Fibro.

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