Blue badge follow up O.M.G!!!!! worse than the esa medical

Hi,Just a follow up on recent post 17th aug regarding the blue badge,I had my medical assessment on Thursday 27 September at 10.30 am it lasted until 12.05.I was made to walk outside the building with one person walking behind me and one to my right side.I really struggled and my back was killing me and had to keep stopping,to my knowledge no one measured the distance but i presume it's already noted nor did anyone time the walk.The examiner while nice on surface was telling me that he is very aware of f.m as he has worked with people who have it and yet he described it as aches and pains if only!!My osteoarthritis is my own fault as i have worn my body out even though i have had pains in my legs since i was 9 years old( growing pains ) at 20 i was told my knees were suffering from tennis elbow type injury when really it took until late 30s to be diagnosed with osteoarthritis in every joint ie shoulders elbows knees back.He enquired about ibs blamed medication which i disputed as its only been the past year i have been taking medication for both ostero and f.m.yet i have had ibs since my teens.My hearing or lack of again was overlooked as i wear aids yet i said it affects my balance when i have a cold which is often.Rynuards was mentioned only by me as it affects my grip on walking stick i was told i can get arm crutches?Overall i am not at all confident and i was told that any appeal will only be reconsidered if i have an operation mainly a hip or knee replacement in other words no point with an appeal if i get refused.I asked how long the next part takes mainly a decision i was told that the papers go for another assessment by a panel of experts and that i would be notified by post.I can't understand this as surely it would make more sense to see the panel of experts in the first place face to face as really whatever the examiner has written about me will what surely be what i get judged upon?Has anyone else got any views or had this as i have been told that most have to go through this if not in receipt of high rate dla . Thanks jo i will post result or lack of when i get it although i really do not think i have a snowballs chance in hell of it x

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  • Why on Earth we have to go through all this for a Blue Badge is beyond me .... just another way of persecuting the chronically ill and disabled.

    Julie xx

  • Hi julieevh,i totally agree as when you add the cost of my having a blue badge per week it will only save a few pounds which was not the reason i applied.I applied as i hardly go out except for school or appointments at doctors ,hospital ect.I do avoid shopping areas as the walk kills me from parking space to where shops are located and it's just not worth the effort for me as sometimes i try only to wind up in tears of pain or i take so long i get a fine.The esa medical is so much easier as horrid as it is and yet the cost of getting esa is much greater i got into the support group.,which i was very relived to be placed in as i gave up work due to combination of above.I just wish i could park nearer to where i wish to go hence applying for b.b and when i was asked what a b.b would mean to me that was the answer i gave the response was well you could get someone to drop you off? I said who as only one other member of my family drives and she works as a carer so its a full time job and it would mean my being more dependent when i wish to be more independent.Thanks for your comments much appreciated xx

  • hi, sorry to hear what you had to go through, I hope I have just misread the way you put about the savings of a blue badge, d you now have to pay for it. I've had one since about 1995 and had it renewed every three years. the hardest time was when I moved from one county to another as they ad no prev records for me, it just took longer that's all, but one of the questioned I remember being asked on the form was about how oven you go out. I think each county must ave it's own claim form, or did back then as I had never seen that..... I'm going back over 10 yrs. ago now so it could be different but the lady I spoke to from the council did say to me if you hardly go out they won't let you have one ..... good grounds for appeal for anyone though, as if you have a blue badge your friends will take you out more, or if you drive you could get out more... hope that helps someone xx

  • Hi Thanks fibro for your comments and i have to go out to school my son has just started two weeks ago i avoid shopping areas as it's too much for me but my time is taken up with other appointments ie hospital ,docs,hydrotherapy,physio ect so i can't stay in even when i really want to but i wish i could go out more what puts me off is the walk from parking areas to shops as it wears me out then if i buy anything i have to get it back to car this is why i applied for blue badge im fed up of getting £40 fines if i am late i got one while i parked to get to ticket machine and back to place it in my car i fought that one and lost even though i explained that i have to keep stopping answer was well get someone else to get your ticket!!I just think it will make my life easier and i would go out more if i did not have to worry about parking xx

  • that's just so unreasonable and I'm sure with a letter from your GP you should have been able to appeal the fines. I won't drive now due to the meds screwing my eyesight up, so im too scared to risk driving,but I am like you re shopping. lucky hubby does it but everything mostly gets done online. but like you also have all the various appts etc.

    I know they keep moaning about out-of- town shopping areas are ruining the high street. me I hate high street shops and avoid them like the plague even though I only go with OH I still hate them.

    just a thought, might help you or anyone else on here, did you know that all the major supermarkets offer an assisted shop where they will go around with you and pick stuff off the shelves, even get it through the checkout and take it back to your car. you may have to book the service and a list is very useful and helpful to them, but you should check out customer services were you do your shop if not online even if you are only getting a few bits, they should let you know what service they offer for their disabled customers.

    hope you don't get any more fines but if you do, appeal...... when you get our blue badge always use the clock too even though the bumph that comes with it makes you think you don't need it everywhere I nearly got a ticket coz I just had only badge up not the clock as well. it was a Tesco car park, but isn't owned by Tesco and the council make you Pay and display, Tesco give you back some towards the cost but disabled are allowed three hours free....... it's only a small Tesco. but the larger stores i would dread trying to tell some ticket inspector that it takes more than three hours to do the shopping. one day they will understand, but not in our lifetime !! xxx (((hugs)))

  • I'm sorry you've had to go through all that for a blue badge

    Nicki xxxx

  • Aw thank you Nicki if this post helps just one person to prepare for b.b medical well then it will be worth it as i had no clue but did not expect it to be as it was xx

  • Do you still get a blue badge automatically if you get high rate mobility?

  • Hi,yes i believe that you are automatically entitled to b.b on high rate mobility. x

  • I'm really so very sorry to hear your tale of woe... xx

    It would be interesting to see their reaction if you were, for example, say to them that had to use a mobility scooter... IF you were to arrive for your appointment in one would they then demand you walk to see how you manage... ... ...?

    I appreciate that scooters are quite expensive & not very user friendly, well I certainly couldn't manage getting one out of a car anyway but you get my point here. They seem to be attacking the less-abled at every turn, cranking up the qualifying factors to unreasonable heights - seems to me you either have to be so severely disabled that you would have help with you anyway or are classed as able bodied, there's no in between. Disabled people want and actually more importantly NEED to retain some of their independence - this is not just penny pinching but a short sighted withdrawal of vital support!!! Being able to go out independently is a life line!! At one time I never gave a thought to "popping" into town, but now rely on my Blue Badge to give me a little extra help so that trips out are at least "manageable." I'm sure that without this privilege many won't feel able to go out at all - I know I wouldn't. This stingy and unfeeling withdrawal of every bit of help will only serve to increase the isolation that many of us feel due our illnesses and increase the depressions that we suffer, which of course could result in greater disability and even more need for help.

    Businesses will be the next to be affected as the towns die further!!!

    I still maintain that there should be two levels of disability badges. A priority one for those in wheelchairs and another for those, like me, who need to be a little closer than the able bodied or (as is certainly true for me) need greater width to get out of the car etc.

    Where will this madness end? :-(

    I also feel for you after being told that your OA is YOUR fault and to be constantly patronized with "simple" remedies for all your problems... If only they had to live with it they wouldn't be in so much of a hurry to dismiss these so lightly!! Also the length of the assessment was bordering on unreasonable - it definitely seems that the bars are being set higher and higher.

    I hope you will get your badge... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!! :-)

    Gentle hugs. xx

  • I am absolutely disgusted at how you were treated, my heart and love go out to you and us all.. so sorry.. hugs xxx

  • To Celticmoon and lacey,Thank you both i must be very emotional tonight as both of your support and good wishes have me in tears but i really appreciate you all taking the time and effort to write and i really would love a scooter which i would need an extra seat to accommodate my young son lol. xxx to all

  • That would be fun for your son Jolow, if you dont mind me saying!, I'm so sorry to hear of your treatment, what would they all do if we joined up and ran them all down with our scooters (we could maybe borrow more for anyone that does not have one!), wouldnt that be a laugh, certainly get them back, chase them around their yards, like something our of monty python lol xxxx

  • lmao now theres a plan love it x

  • Which authority is this?? Sound horrific. I filled in my form and was turned down then wrote a letter of appeal with a letter from my physio and osteopath, was asked to go for an assessment which lasted about 20 mins and was awarded my badge two weeks later.

  • Hi,Birmingham city council and do you mind if i ask if you are on dla?I sent letters from doc and dr jordon rhumy specialist also copy of prescription along with my forms.It took 8 weeks to get assessment from council and the rest is as above.With regards to appealing i was told no point unless i have an operation ie hip or knee replacement as my assessment now goes to a panel of specialists to decide if i am granted a blue badge or not.Thankfully you have yours so well done i am pleased that not everyone is subjected to what i went through.Thanks for your comments xxx

  • I think you should complain about the treatment you had, what right had they got to belittle your illnesses. I don't get DLA so had to go for an assessment to get my badge in January, it was at my local hospital in Southend with an Occupational therapist. She was lovely and very understanding of my condition, she did the walking assessment between the office I saw her in and the reception area at the end of the interview so it was on my way out. Her report stated that I could walk 30 meters whilst holding my friends arm and using the wall to steady myself, she also noted the brief stops and my breathing too. I asked for a copy of her report even though I was awarded the badge as I thought it might help with my ESA appeal etc. It was easy to get hold of and the whole tone of the assessment was soooo different to the ESA medical report. I know it is a different council but my experience sounds like another world to yours. Definitely complain about the assessor, perhaps you could even ask to be reassessed at a different clinic.

  • Hi Lynnh,Thank you for your comments much appreciated and very helpful.As yet just over two weeks later i still have not had my actual refusal letter i only know the result as i rang the center where i had medical who gave me another number myself after 10 days to find out how long more before i get result so effectively i had my refusal over the phone so i have no idea what the letter contains except no.I will appeal when letter comes as i have since found out that the room used for medical are hired out for the day so does the examiner really know the distance of outside building where i was asked to walk?The walk was not timed but i was told not to worry about stopping on each occasion that i did.,my daughter was not allowed to accompany me outside ,the examiner told her to wait in reception until we returned.Once inside reception my daughter was allowed to sit in on interview and she explained how my conditions affect me and our family ,she also spoke of her job and effectively said it's never ending between paid job and home.Response was keep up the good work.I was asked some really stupid irrelevant questions like do i have a passport ? do i like the sun? My daughter thinks this is because i am slightly tanned due to being in my back garden a lot watching over my son while playing and i hate being in if weather is reasonable ,so i can now only assume that it may have appeared that i had a nice holiday yet my actual passport has not been used for 3 years.Hindsight is a great thing if only we could have it beforehand lol.I was also asked if i used a wheelchair at home when i came via car without one grrrr annoying and very intrusive much more so than the atos medical.I will await the letter that has been sent out yet i have not yet received it.Thanks to all who left messages xxx

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