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hi peeps.

all is back on this morning with fibro action, was worrying incase it had been closed or something but i'm guessin technical issues , feeling really stiff and sore today this pain in the shoulder is just horrible but i am plodding on as ya do, thank god i can have good moan on here ha ha(i have to ha ha or it would be sad faces and im tired of sad faces) , i am going with my daughter today for her 20 week scan(even though she is nearly 22 weeks). So excited she is going to find out the sex today if she can :) , so glad i can take my mind of me for a change and concentrate on supporting my daughter as she is going to be a single mum , she is 18 1/2 and very determined and i hae no worries with her as she will be staying at home with me and her dad til she is confident enough to live on her own withher child, the expectant dad is around and wants to be involved with his child which is good for baby but im not so sure for my daughter as she really doesnt like him at the moment but hopefully all can be civil for her and baby and both sets of grand parents , lookily both sets of grandparents are there in middle helping to sort jeeeeeez who said life was easy eh they blooming fibbed but suppose part of lifes challenges and we will get through it xx

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look forward to here what your daughter.. is having and every think ok...Its great to take your mind of fibro.... I am all ways saying to myself there all ways someone worst off.. helps to get through each day,,, and having good friends and family is great..... I have 15 grand children

and its great... very hard for me as would love to be a hands on grandma but can,t as have three other health ..

anyway enjoy

Debbie xxxx


Hi Teresa,, Sound like lots of joy on the way, and i'm sure once the baby comes your daughter and ex fill find a good compromise, what is super is that both set of grandparents are in full support, a very lucky child. I'm glad your able to assist your daughter and support her in the early stages its not easy being a single parent, I am one myself was totally on my own bringing up twin boys they are 20 now. what a great joy to look forward to.

hugs Ingrid


thank you, all went well at the scan baby is healthy and has everything in the correct place coming along nicely it is alittle BOY she is having and very long grandson no; 2 so very excited, my first grandson Rupert is 5 1/2 months old and he lives in australia with my eldest daughter and his daddy(her husband) xx so can't be as hands on as i would like to have been, but when we went over in april for a month oh my did i take every opertunity to be hands on with him and enjoyed eery blooming minute, sooo as you can imagine we will be there all the way to help eeeeek so excited but soo exhausted tooo but who cares for today fibro can just blooming do one as i am sooooo happy xxx


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