hi on this great british day

hi everyone,

still feeling tired and worn out rested all day yesterday on the hubby's orders haha, my shoulder /neck/underarm is still causing me pain despite zacin and painkillers, but i'm plodding on like us all on here, i mainly came on to celebrate the fact we have won all these gold medals over the weekend and i am in awe of all these talented sportsmen/women and how very proud i am of them all, keep up the great work Team GB xx enjoy the rest of the sunday xx

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  • Its brilliant to watch and well done to Andy Murray. Well earned gold. :)

    I live in London and wasnt all that interested with all the hype etc leading up to the games, but I am so enjoying it all now. I used to do a lot of short runs (5K/10K) before this fibro hit and I must say I do miss the energy of running. Still, I can still walk a good bit so making the most of what we have is the best way to look at it :)

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