British Heart Foundation Dechox!!!

Hello. Please can anyone who knows what a chocolate fix is support my Dechox. I have spent the whole month of March without anything chocolate and have just had my first chocolate spread on toast after a month......mmmmmm. Any little donation on the site for BHF would be wonderful. Thankyou!! Heather G xx :)

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  • Hi heather, well done for going without chocolate for a month. I couldn't do it! I've just come from my mocal bhf shop as I bought a tv cabinet and a bhf badge. My home is mostly furnished from there now after I lost everything three years ago. A worthwhile cause. Enjoy your chocolate! :-)

  • Hello.

    Thankyou for this lovely message. :) I felt I had to do something for them as my Dad suffered with heart problems and would have benefitted from their help. Terrible that you lost everything - I hope you managed to hold on to your personal bits and pieces. Anyway, back to the chocolate room!!! Hxx

  • Oooh, a whole room of chocolate. I've gone all misty eyed now. :-)

  • feeling a bit sick now................

  • Hi my friend, I am totally impressed as I cannot go a day without my choc! I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

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