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can anyone recommend a folding stool?

Went out to local shopping centre with hubby today and soon lost the will to live, mainly because shops, including large department stores, provide no seating for customers. I rarely go shopping now, but would like to once in a while if I can. Can anyone recommend anything light that I could carry around to sit on - hubby would have to carry the shopping!

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have u tried


Hi to this forum have had fibromyalgia with Behcets disease for over 20 years.

Have you thought of a combined rucksack which has a fold out stool on it.

Ebay do them and it is lightweight and fits on your back so easy to carry. Also handy for shopping as well

I use one and it is great...



Hi Caroline - one answer may be the lightweight folding stools / chairs aimed at campers. They are easy to fold, lightweight to carry and easy to use. I find a stool too painful to sit on but there are chairs available complete with arms and backs. Alternatively there is a product which combines a walking stick with a stool seat built in. It folds flat, is easy to use and has 3 legs to provide stability.

Hope you have some luck finding the best solution for you.

Nessie x


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