Bad day today ...hands have no feeling and smashed a very precious wedding gift from 15 years ago :(

My only crystal glass from our wedding presents left and I dropped it ...went online to replace only to discover no Scottish crystal has been made in UK since now I'm antique shopping for replacement cut crystal brandy glasses. This condition has a lot to answer to...hubby has banned me from kitchen until I feel better lol xx

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  • What rotten luck. I am sorry do buy wisely


  • Ty gins xxx I know what u mean had look online and they want silly money and I can't see if damaged so few good antique shops in Edinburgh I will visit... Fingers crossed xxxxx

  • Hello , Oh I am sorry that you are having a bad time at the moment. and I really feel for you with breaking your precious glass. the same has happand to me more than once, including my moms pink glass swan.. lots of gentle hugs sue xx

  • It's a horrible feeling....felt rotten all day but hubby such a great's only a possession but it held a meaning to me. Xxx just so scared to touch stuff or even hold my granddaughter as no warning just lose control xxxx gentle hugs back xxx

  • Oh, poor you. Is that a silver lining or the black cloud? , He'll cook?

    That's rotten luck and yes it does. gentle hugs

  • I think it's a silver lining as he is a fab cook lol xxx he a grt man cheers me up knowing I have all u guys who have went through same and still carry on... I'm a sentimental silly bug xxxxx hugs back to u xxx

  • Not a bit. It's great you have a caring supportive partner. Sadly that's not true for all. Never be afraid to come on here for a rant. We can take it. There's usually someone awake :)

  • Hi klfhl

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling a bit better now? I am so sorry to read about the crystal glass, and I genuinely hope that you can manage to find a replacement. I really hope that you can find a solution to your hand problems, I think they are par of the course with Fibro.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Ty Ken . I do think loss of feeling is an ongoing problem and something we all have to deal with. If I had known that all crystal is now sourced from abroad I would not have touched glass. Xx

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