Sh yes sh can you hear it it is like a sort of whooshing oscilating noise?

No of course you can not hear it ha it is in my head silly me - I thought perhaps I was going just a little balmy- who me shurely not. I always believe I am okay and it is the others who are generously bonkers.

Today OH wants us yes him and me to use new trailer and get a load up the the tip - I am going bonkers - still if that is what he wants what the ------ At least I can drive but nothing else!!!!

My desire of the day is hand bag shopping which is usually good in TK max which would you rather do? Have a wild exciting day but do keep warm xgins

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  • What would I really like do do today get through to the's constantly engaged and handbags are no good to me I can't carry one ...

    Take care of yourself Gins take the trailer to the tip then go to tk max and fill the trailer up with handbags ;)


  • Oh yes! I'll come to look at handbags!

    I can't carry one, either - have to have a shoulder bag, or back-pack - but I still buy them.

    Shoes are the same - at the last count there are 30 pairs of shoes in my wardrobe that I couldn't possibly walk in - I just get them out and sit on the edge of the bed wearing them and thinking: "One day ....". :)

    Moffy x

  • I gave most of my shoes away when I realised I would never get them on again. Some one might get some use of them . I have a pair of boots hideous for walking about in and hopefully a pair of something else when I can find them - you see they just dont fit may be I should wear hand bags instead he he ( but i cannot carry those only over the shoulder hangers xgins hitch up the trailer

  • gins could you pop by me with the trailer I have a an inflatable settee with a puncture and some grotty underlay you could cart off for me... :D

  • he he should i pop it first the sofa that is :)

  • Oh yes! Pop by me, too - about 300 back numbers of Slimming World, and a dead Christmas tree to go to the dump! :)

  • I always thought they were going to be so useful bet you did to and here we are with 600 between us and I am still rather roundish ! ah well xgins

  • I'm size 6-8, but I think that's more because of a recent tiff with a gastric ulcer - I'm a bit too thin at the mo'!

    I'm normally a tad cuddlesome, and I find Slimming World very good at keeping me in shape! :)

  • Oh gins, I'm sitting in a Cafe Nero atm and there's a TK max just over the road. I've been to the hospital this morning for more silly clotting studies hence my being in town. I will go and grab all nice looking handbags and send them your way, well, and this is for real, there is nothing I like better than to get all my friends here something lovely to cheer them up......I would if I could.

    Muchly. Foggy x

  • Oh foggy I would love to go bag shopping with you much more fun than with OH who is colour blind and has no idea what we need as a bag . I need long wide strap to go over my shoulder as I have to string it around myself as both hands hold the sticks to keep me up. :) xgins

  • Me too foggy but my shoulders won't support bag ....hands won't hold bag so I have a coat with big pockets that everything gets stuffed in.... But I would go shopping with you to get out of the house

    VG xx

  • Sounds like you might have tinnitus. It's a symptom of myofascial pain syndrome and about 70% of fibromites have MPS as well. Oh well, it took me a year but I have got used to it now and don't really think about it, so I don't notice it, too many other aches and pains to bother about it!

  • Yes yes yes it's not just me with the whooshing, drives me mad and the more background noise the worse it is. Find it hard to go to my besties house, kids tellys dogs the whooshing gets worse. Went to cinema the other day that was a nightmare. But at last I know it's not just me so thank you. Doctor tried to tell me it was because I had blocked sinus......had sinus problems for years and the whooshing is new started about 3 months ago. So will now go back and tell her another fibro sufferer gets it. She is not well read on fibro. Xx

  • the dr told me it was tinitus and you never he might be right but personally i think i'm just going bonkers too :)

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