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Hi all.

Sorry to mention this but it isn't that long until Christmas and suddenly I am panicking about buying presents.

Yesterday I went to a big Tesco's and M&S near me with my mum and daughter. we were trying to keep my mum in between us as she walks with a stick and is unsteady. I was at the front, then mum and then daughter. We couldn't believe how many rude people kept pushing by and trying to get In between us. Why do people have to be so rude and in such a hurry all the time?

I hated it and am now dreading Christmas shopping as I don't think I will cope. Somehow I think most of my shopping will be done on line this year.

What is everyone else planning? We have got in laws, my mum and the kids are coming back. I am just glad my hubby does the food shopping and cooking.

Piggy hugs to you all xxxxxxxxx

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bless i know how you feel :( ive done my shopping online because i cant cope with crowds and walking for long periods i feel less stressed too this year for getting my pressies done this way :) xxxxx


Thank heavens for the WWW.

Piggy hugs xxxx


I hate shopping, so basically if it cannot be bought online - it doesn't get bought. I buy 'bits & pieces' from my local supermarket throughout the week, but all main shopping and gifts are bought online, it's less hassle.

Although 'Permanently Separated' my ex has always returned on Christmas day to have Christmas lunch with us because it was important to both of us that our autistic son had a 'Family Christmas'. Although son is grown up now (debatable) it is still what they both want, so I have always cooked the Christmas dinner.

Last year I had surgery on my right arm in November, so could not cook (yippee) as I was still wearing a sling, so ex took the three of us out on the day for Christmas lunch. It was great, no shopping, no cooking, no washing up, no leftovers and no serving turkey up all week afterwards.

I had been pondering what to say or do to get out of cooking this year when he offered to take us all out again. He said he realised now it would be too much for me. So I accepted graciously - goodness knows what he tells his current girlfriend!!

So apart from the wrapping up, and mailing of gifts & cards, it's a stress free Christmas here.

Believe me, he was never this kind or considerate when we were married.


Wow you lucky thing.. I never cook Christmas dinner, hubby does, but there is still a lot of prep. A couple of years ago we went out for Christmas lunch as I had just had my back op. as you say it is great not having washing up, leftovers etc. lets hope he thinks it is a good idea every year. ;-)

Piggy hugs xxxx


Hi piggles,

Online shopping for presents ... We only buy for parents and my OH grandmother and our son.. With all the nephews and nieces and brothers and sisters it was toooooo much so we agreed upon this solution... That cuts down a lot.. I buy the food bit by bit during weekly shop and last year and this year have cutdown to a family Christmas , just the 3 of us as my son who is autistic is only interested in presents .... Not socialising.. And its less hassle having to entertain both sets of parents who both wanted us at their houses Physical impossibility or both to be invited to us .. For me now just too much. So we upset both equally and have a quiet Christmas that we enjoy.

Bah humbug

Ebeneezer Grump



Hi Ebeneezer whoops I mean Verygrump.

I must say we have cut down a lot on Christmas presents and just stick to immediate family now but....................... love Christmas. It will definately be online shopping this year if I can't cope with crowds at the end of October, what will December be like?

Piggy hugs xxxxxx


This year because I now can't walk I have done all my shopping on line and tv channels What bargains I have found too...enjoyed it as crowds are not good for me, last year I got bumped and nearly fell every day I went out. But two days ago I got my scooter!!! ya hey!! just need to feel a bit better and I can at least have the choice of going out...have even bought xmas lights for "Indie " my name for the scooter as she will give me back my independence.....I cant wait!! :-)

We all need to do what we can and remember not to over do it LOL if only !!

Gentle hugs to all.

Rainbowdancer x x


I always do WWW and local chemist and gift vouchers from the post office...even food shop online and have done all my christmas shops like this for years...saves time, money and a whole lot of effort too xx


I always shop online for just about everything as OH hates doing it and I can't. I find it so convenient that I don't miss going into overheated, crowded, noisy shops at all. I always have a nice chat with the delivery guys when the shopping comes and they bring everything into the kitchen for me. As for Christmas ours will be very quiet this year as my son is in New Zealand and my daughter is spending Christmas with her boyfriend's mother. It will be just, me, OH and his mum. OH will be cooking but I haven't told him yet ;-) x


WE HAVE ANOTHER CHRISTMAS BLOG RUNNING AT THE MOMENT TOO! - please click on the link to take a peek! :)



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